The Best Powder Measure for Everyone

Green Powder Measure

The powder measures produced as indispensable constructions. This unit is needed during the preparation of things for hunting or shooting.

Firstly, you have to determine gunpowder and know exact the type of shot until the weapon readiness. Each type of weapon requires a fixed quantity of powder. You need to determine gauge by a reliable system.

There are:

  • mechanical;
  • electronic.

How to identify the most convenient type? The mechanical variants have a rule of displacement of the spring.

When you increase the weight, the position of the spring is changing and consequently the position of the arrow of the balance. These models are cheaper than electronic scales, but the error in them is much greater.

PhotoProduct nameView on Amazon
1. Hornady Lock-N-Load Powder Measure1. Hornady Lock-N-Load Powder MeasureView on Amazon
2. Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge2. Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto ChargeView on Amazon
3. RCBS Combo 110V-AC Chargemaster3. RCBS Combo 110V-AC ChargemasterView on Amazon
4. RCBS Chargemaster Lite (120V & 240V)4. RCBS Chargemaster Lite (120V & 240V)View on Amazon
5. RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure5. RCBS Uniflow Powder MeasureView on Amazon
The advantage of mechanical scales is that many people believe that they do not depend on electric power sources.

The cons, apart from the possible error, is the lack of modern functions that most electronic devices have – automatic calorie counting, built-in memory and other functions.

The best powder measure combines innovative and reliable mechanism.

A clock and a timer can be integrated into the electronic kind of scale. Pay attention to this if you are interested in these functions.

TOP-5 powered measures include various models for choosing the most appropriate:

1. Hornady Lock-N-Load Powder Measure

Most reloaders already know Hornady equipment is on the top and this powder measure is a solid example.

The Dillon measures are just too hard to set up for this kind of work and Hornady wins in this comparison. You can quickly and easily handle powder weights up or down.

It is able to 1/10th-grain regulation. After once set, it starts throwing compatible charges.


The Hornady powder measure represents the most elastic maintenance. You can also see the largest diapason of any measure nowadays at the mart.

You need to press only one button and powders and settings will be switched with this simple action. You can also append the fitting accessories and the Lock-N-Load example resolves you measure spending from 5 to 265 grains of powder.

It’s a perfect additional powder measure. You can have one for each of two or more powders instead of changing these units out occasionally. You can purchase this model and the set that will fit it to the press.

Hornady also provided some design betterments as compared with the previous variants.


The additional advantage is that the lints screw right into a simple progressive press. You can modernize your powder delivery system and be sure of this model.

These elements activate linkage will help you work with more accurate and resistant loads of such measure in comparison with other system provides.

Practical use

I can notice that it is still as professionally created and functioning without failures as ever and possibly cooler now.

If you load a bunch of 9mm pistol collets, it will work satisfactorily but with a few problems. This model is functioning with the powder-through case expander.

The accuracy is 2/10 of a grain. This index is good if we consider the speed at which you can add grains. You can use it for long-term and high power loads for example 300WM. The quality of this variant is quite high.

Additional characteristics

Hornady also has an awesome Customer Service Department if you have any questions or concerns about their products.

This unit has various mounting methods that are acceptable. There is a great charge range which is available for everyone.


2. Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge

If you want to work with the best electronic powder measure, you have to read about this model attentively.

There is massive display with backlighting from which you can easily read and easy operating keypad.

This model has European version with 2 prongs and the flat American version. You can use only one adapter.

You have to set any variant of the plug that you need. Install it onto the adapter head and it will flip.

The Hornady Auto Charge fit the account.


The piece of reloading kit of this model can be one of the most expensive but it worth the money you will spend.

You will quickly install this model. It’s easy to use and entirely accurate to within 0.1 grains. This variant has a holding capacity of 1000 grains.

Its design is ordinary and has no unnecessary details. It’s more comfortable to use than the other models.


It has exact powder measure allotted for high speed and efficiency. And also get a consultation with customer service.

Practical use

It takes a few seconds for loading a light pistol. You need to throw off the charge into the corps and set the bullet. And by that time it has allocated another filling.

For larger rifle loads it will be longer. You need to wait when it finish dribbling the collected in charge. Overall, many like the auto charge system and recommend it.

Firstly you select the amount of powder you want for example 4.0 gram and you have zero the machine and it produces 4.0 gram of powder.

You have to notice that after changing types of powders brands, you will have to launch this variant a few times. Then it will bring you the desired amount.

You’d better make a double check of the proportions by the other scale if you change grains. This system can be used for years and work well.

Additional characteristics

This unit has trickle function and three-speed settings. And if it gets filthy, you will clean out it without great efforts.


3. RCBS Combo 110V-AC Chargemaster

This model comes with scale, hopper, and capacity supply of two weights. There is a a little paintbrush to clean hopper and instructions. Also, you can use the scale separate from a hopper.

It can be removed from hopper measures in grains and grams. This is a perfect scalepan but a little expensive. This model is worth every dollar you will spend.

It can be classified as one of the best powder measures for pistol loads.


It is able to keep zero level. You don’t have to re-zero it after every load or two, it would be a waste of your time. Also, it has the powder charger either but there is a tickler attached.

It can be a bit pricey, but you factor in the time spent waiting on a beam scale to settle. It’s good if you plan to add more powder or remove the powder.

If you purchase such thing for the first time, it will fit well and be good for learning.

It takes nearly 15-20 seconds to share a 41.5-gram charge for a 0.308 using IMR 4064. But 5 seconds will take the trickle.

This model also specifies the number of the recent charge weighed.


You can set your loading and have it automatically download the following charge. After you replace the pan or wait until you push the button to download the next charge.

Practical use

This unit keeps zero during the 100 loads and there is no problem with it. It’s hard to describe how much this has increased its opportunities to finish work faster than with a trickle and beam scale.

Additional characteristics

You need to learn to mount the speed as well as holding the button «mode». It will help to understand when to start going slow and trickle slowly.

If there are a lot of overcharges, this is what you need to increase. It’s good to set RCBS Combo at «0.6» for the gun stick powders.


4. RCBS Chargemaster Lite (120V & 240V)

This model shows 0.1-grain accuracy (0-500 grains). Its LCD touchscreen display, so its innovative element will make using easier and more comfortable.

This variant is sold with the electronic powder dispenser, power adapter, and plugs that help the unit to work with various power, test weights, and a small brush.

Remember that it’s important to explore guidance to assure proper setup for accuracy.

This model can be the best powder measure for pistol loads because it is made from solid and qualitative materials and has a strong construction.


This unit packs unmatched powder-measuring exactness in a dense package.

The hopper occupies nearly a pound of smokeless gunpowder. It can allocate between 2-300 grains with approximately 0.1-grain accuracy.


This model can show the comfortable powder catch pan and also an “Auto Start” mode. It’s easy to read and to enter numbers on display. There is a powder dump slot for finishing work.

Practical use

Measuring out a charge can take a random amount of time. For example, it will take 17 to 22 seconds to set 35.5 grain. But a time of waiting can increase if one granule did not seem to drop out of the measure and it can take up to 28-30 seconds.

It’s hard to see the difference between loading 15 to 70 grains, but when you put more than 150 grains you will also see that it works longer.

If we speak about thumb-twiddling time, during the first turning on warm-up can take from 15 to 20 minute. So, it doesn’t have to surprise you and make you call the customer service because it’s okay.

Additional characteristics

Some buyers have noticed that instruction isn’t well organized. You will get the unit with a sticker on it telling you to turn the machine on, place one of the calibration weights on the platen, and take off the sticker.


5. RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure

This example settles consistently accurate charges reload after reload.

Powder runs uniformly from the cylinder for dosage into the brass case. In this way menace of “overloads” caused by clogging disappears.It can happen when the charges are “throw off”.

The RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure is the best powder measure for reloading because it can run smoothly without problems.


The standard capacity is 5-105 grains and this model can work at this range. So, it will satisfy all your current needs.

It is the most effective when you put from 5 to 50 grains. It will be a bit faster and more precise during the loads. This measure powder works more quickly than models with the scooper and scale.

This model has a standard thread 7/8″-14. It includes rack plate and it is drilled for comfortable assembling on a bench or under an overload die lock ring.

In the kit, you will see two tubes for dumping for 22 calibers and higher are supplied.


The alignment button works easily and is very persistent. I can test the weight of the charge on accidental occasions in its reloading trays. And all of them will be with the initial load.

Practical use

It exempts facility from load to load. This model doesn’t need to void the powder hopper. The numerated measuring screw is used for the link to find a present charge at a later date.

Additional characteristics

This model has a bracket in the kit. You can use it for mounting on a press. Also, it’s good to keep the bracket in a vise to hold it motionless and to make a workbench space.

It has the well-considered construction of the powder measure and this is a profitable investment.

One of the sentences at the end of the three pages of instructions has an important note for work: “Don’t move away hopper for the powder from the casting”.


There were 5 various models with different price, construction peculiarities, and balanced pros and cons. I have presented a multiplicity of the powder measure, so only you can find the most suitable.

But, remember, that the trunk of the measure must completely cover its mechanisms. If this body will be metal, the scales will serve well for at least 10 years.

The plastic parts for the basis of scales make it cost cheaper and be lighter.

But remember that any plastic can be deformed from the heat and moisture in course of time.

In general, moisture adversely affects the mechanism, so it is better to choose a model where the mechanism is completely isolated.

Pay attention to the buttons of the scales you have selected. Rubber buttons last much longer. There are models with a panel that is covered with a rubber film.

This is a good option – the rubber is sealed, so the balance mechanism will be reliably protected from spilled products.

Electronic scales for gunpowder and shot have much greater accuracy when compared with mechanical weights.

This type of scales can be both desktop and portable pocket, which makes their operation very convenient and certain models can be taken with you to the hunt without much effort.

The main advantage of electronic scales, as was mentioned above, is high accuracy – up to one mg.

Even on such scales for gunpowder, the price in our online store is below market, so that every hunter and shooter can afford any accessories. In addition, there are various models of electronic scales.

The biggest Priority is that the bullet scales must have high accuracy. If you want to avoid negative consequences, there are must be high measurement accuracy.

This article opens models in-demand with the reasonable price and secure mounting. These 5 variants wouldn’t bring harm to your health.

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