Security Improvement Program

With Securix Security Improvement Program enhance your information security posture and reduce your costing for internal security team maintenance.

Securix Security Improvement Program enables your IT environment to expand while reducing the risks that you encounter from cyber-crime by building effective security infrastructures.

Why Content Security?

Secuix service professionals comprises experienced business-minded security consultants with a standard of 10 years of experience. With over hundreds of clients from different sectors like local government, health, and non-profit organizations, Securix guarantees to provide your cybersecurity needs.

Continual Improvements Over Time

Reinforce your infrastructure without disrupting IT services using Secureix step-by-step, quantifiable and definite improvements to your infrastructure’s security.

Secureix works with your organization hand-in-hand on an information security strategy to enhance your processes and procedures. Secureix guarantees that your information security posture provides a constant, in-depth defence mechanisms to protect your organization for incoming cyber threats

Your Trusted Security Advisor

With Secureix Security Improvement program we guarantee;

Security controls for your organization with a suitable criterion.

During implementation and documentation of security controls, we will provide adequate assistance with the use of our templates and resources

With our Technical Account Manager, you are assured that you will be guided in obtaining reliable security.

Ongoing Compliance Improvements

  • Gap Analysis Services
  • Compliance Advisory
  • On-site Inspections
  • Compliance Strategy

Infrastructure Audits & Testing

  • Security Audits
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Advice on Strategy and Architecture

Security Improvement Plan

It is to utmost importance that your security is organized in a structural and transparent manner. Securix assists you to outline an improved security plan. A reliable security improvement plan aids to build and continually optimize security management because the cyber security risks are ever changing.

ISO 27001: The International Certified Standard

ISO 27001 is considered as the core of most security implementation plans. This specification is the only certifiable international standard that sets the requirements for an information security management system. For your security to constantly improve, a regular assessment must be conducted.

Securix Cyber Security aids your organization by building a management system wherein you have full control over your privacy and comfortably change configurations according to your business needs in real-time.


Management support, effective communication and a well-built approach is what comprises a successful security implementation.Depending on the type of your business, Securix uses various basis and/or control frameworks as the foundation for the implementation of the security plan. Most of the time, Secureix uses ISO 27001 to design, implement, monitor, assess and tweak security measures and to apply a management system.

Here are some examples of international and national standards we can assist with:

ISO 27002
CobiT (financial institutions)
NEN 7510 (Dutch healthcare)
NIST Cybersecurity framework
IT-security guidelines for web application from NCSC (IT service providers)

Our approach consists of several modules that can be purchased together or individually:

Risk Assessment or Privacy Impact Assessment
Security quick scan (gap analysis)

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