Best Personal Protection Products to Keep You Safe

personal protection devices

It is not a secret that we are living in a dangerous world where all manners of attacks lie around the corner, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting people. Victims of such crimes come in all genders, ages, sizes, and statuses, thus leaving all of us predisposed to such attacks.

As such, there is a need for everyone to take it upon themselves to arm themselves with some weapon that can come in handy if need be. Luckily, there are lots of simple devices on the market which can help you defend yourself from attackers, and you do not require training to handle them.

Take a look at these simple, yet useful, protection devices. Though mainly used by women, men too can take advantage of these weapons.

The stun gun

You have probably seen law enforcement officers use the best tasers on unrelenting people during arrests. The stun gun works similarly by driving an electric charge through a person. The attacker will be as the name suggests, stunned and equally shocked, thus giving you adequate time to leave the scene before they regain their senses.

The working mechanism is quite simple. With the pull of the trigger, you release an average of seven hundred thousand volts into the attacker’s body, leaving them temporarily in shock. They run on lithium batteries, and you can easily hide them in your handbag or pocket. You can also hang them on your waist strap for convenience.

With this device, you need not get very close to the attacker for it to work. A few feet will do the trick.

The stun baton

Best stun baton works by causing temporary confusion in the attacker. It comes in the shape of a baton, quite similar to the one used in athletics. The working mechanism works similarly to that of the stun gun, and with the pull of a trigger, you can release approximately eight hundred thousand volts into the attacker’s body.
personal protection devices
The effect of the shock is that the attacker’s brain and muscles lose connection temporarily, thereby giving you an advantage over the assailant. Usually, the attacker will remain in this state for an average of five to ten minutes, depending on the shock released.

The baton runs on batteries and comes with a belt loop for portability.

Pepper spray

Pepper spray protection device has been in use since time immemorial and continues to provide an invaluable solution to dealing with attacks. Most people cannot tell what’s coming their way on seeing the spray as it comes in feminine shapes such as lipsticks. Your attacker will probably have their guard down when they look at it.
personal protection devices
The spray contains oleoresin capsicum, an extract from cayenne pepper, which can cause temporary blindness, pain, tearing and sneezing. This effect enables many people to fight off their attackers and make it to a safe place. The good thing about it is that it comes in a small size and you can fit it anywhere.

Stun rings

If you need pepper spray with you at all times, this ring will come in handy. As opposed to the case of the pepper spray where you need to get it from your pocket or pack, you can wear the ring as a fashion statement.

Most attackers will be oblivious to the ring and will not think much of it, giving you an edge over them. Once they move in, you can release the spray from the ring and leave them in a state of confusion, thus making your way out.

Personal alarm

It comes in a small size, and you can comfortably carry it around in your pocket or bag. Though miniature in size, the device comes with amazing capabilities such that it can attract a lot of attention when you push its button.

As such, when you get cornered, all you have to do is press the button, and the alarm will go off, scaring off the attacker and getting people to come your way. Most times, attackers run away on hearing the signal, and the great thing is that only you can get it to stop when you feel safe.

You can get one with lights as it can help you find your way in the dark where an attacker tries to get to you at night or dimly lit areas.

Lightning strike

At first, this device was for use by police who would use it on aggressive suspects. Over time, it has become available to civilians who now use it to fend off attackers.

It works by emitting an intense light which can blind the attacker temporarily. The lack of vision is enough to disorient the attacker, giving you enough time to escape before they regain their sight.

The device uses LEDs which can emit white light with many lumens, and once anyone gets flashed with the bright light, you have an assurance that they will not see clearly for several minutes. Be careful not to shine the light your way.

The lightning strike comes in a compact and light package and you can carry it anywhere with you, including when you are out on a stroll.

Mace spray

The mace spray is an excellent alternative to the pepper spray, and they are both equally effective in fending off attackers. This spray works by inflaming the capillaries and causing a temporary blur in vision.

Other side effects of this spray include a burning sensation in the throat, eyes, and nose which in turn lead to sneezing and a feeling of choking. As is the case with the pepper spray, the effects last temporarily, and you should move as promptly as you can to get out of there before the attacker regains their senses.


The police love this device, and it is not for naught. Unlike most protection devices, this one can work from as far as fifteen feet away from the attacker. As such, if you have the advantage of seeing the attacker approach from meters away, you can get a head start in stunning them.
personal protection devices
When used in contact with the attacker’s body, it can deliver twice the amount of voltage released by devices such as stun guns, thus making it the most potent electrical protection device.

People prefer using the TASER and stun guns because of their simplicity. You see, with other devices such as the pepper spray, you need to aim at the target for them to be effective. In the case of a pepper spray, you must direct it at the eyes; else it will be for naught. However, with the TASER, all you need to do is aim at any part of the attacker’s body, and you are halfway through with the escape. All that is left is to is get out of there before they regain their senses.

TASERs also tend to have longer-lasting effects when compared to stun guns.

Tear gas spray

If you have ever smelt tear gas, then you know how unpleasant the effects can be. Even hours after tear gas has been sprayed in an area and you walk by, you will experience symptoms such as coughing and sneezing.

Imagine how useful the gas would be when sprayed directly onto a person’s face! You would completely throw off the assailant as they tried to fight the effect. It affects the eyes, nose, and throat and the attacker would need some time before they made a move again.

When compared to the pepper spray, the tear gas spray is less powerful though.

Dog repellent

Last, but not least, we have the dog repellent. As a victim of a dog attack in the past, I know just how handy this device is. If you have ever come across a bunch of aggressive dogs itching to get their claws on you, this repellant will give you peace of mind when touring areas where you can get attacked.

The device works by emitting sound waves with frequencies in the regions of 20,000HZ to 25,000HZ. The sound produced cannot be heard by human beings, but it works on animals such as cats and dogs.

The sound is so irritating to dogs that they will immediately take off on hearing it. Thus, the next time you see an aggressive dog heading your way, all you need to do is push on the button on the repellant and point the device the dog’s way. The dog will leave in a matter of seconds. Be sure to get a protection device against humans as this only works on animals.

As we come to an end, I would like to point out that your safety lies in your hands. As much as you have protection devices with you, be sure to stay safe by avoiding dangerous situations and places and being aware of your surroundings. Once you have used a protection device on an assailant, the next thing should be to get away from that scene as fast as you can. Do not stick around to see what happens or try to fight them as you never know how fast they may recover from the effects of the device used.

On purchasing a protection device, test it out in the house so that when the time comes, you do not end up using it on yourself and making work more manageable for the attacker. Also, remember to change often out the batteries of the devices that run on them.