Malware and Phishing Prevention

Securix Phishing Solutions

Block Stealth Attacks

Prior to the two-level protection, Secureix Email Security verifies each link before it reaches your email’s inbox.

Reduce the Attack Surface

Educate users and simulate hundreds of challenging threats with just a few clicks using Secureix/Securix Phish Threat.

Block Imposter Addresses

Secureix blocks phishing attempts by checking display names on inbound VIP emails and frequently abused service brand names. 

Isolate Threats

By using Secureix, ransomware and other malicious programs are totally isolated in a sandbox before they pose a threat to your network.

Identify At-Risk Users

Secureix identifies users based on their risk profile with Synchronized Security connected to Phish Threat and Secureix Email.

Protect Against  Malware

Prior to reaching the user’s inbox, Secureix blocks 90% malicious IPs and filters through anti-spam and antivirus engines for maximum security.

Comprehensive Reporting

Secureix comprehensive reporting identifies high-risk users, top-level performance and live campaign monitoring while automatically enrolls employees in awareness training for improved performance

Offer Incident Response

With the cloud-based central database of Secureix, users can manage various lines of defense from email-borne threats. Secured email, cybersecurity awareness and next-gen endpoint protection all included in a single mobile-optimized portal.

Provide Powerful AI

Powered by a powerful AI, Secureix Email can prevent both identified and unidentified attacks before they happen.

Effective Email Security - Complete Protection

A holistic and multi-layered up-to-date email security is one of the requirements for all types of businesses to fight various cyber attacks. Secureix Security users are guaranteed to have maximum security for anti-phishing and malware domain protection.


Anti-phishing and malware domain data includes various types of domains used in spam or abuse, stretching from malware to phishing to hacked domains by spammers.

Block Bad Domains

Blockage and detection of malicious domains such as, spam, phish, and malware domains, and botnet command and control (C&C) domains. Blockage and detection of hacked legitimate domains such as legitimate spam, legitimate redirector, legitimate phishing, legitimate malware domains and legitimate botnet C&C domains

Eliminate Threats


Secures Your Data

Secures your data from phishing and malware by updating the anti-phishing and malware data every 60 seconds for up-to-date protection.



AI and machine learning-powered phishing and malware prevention and detection.


24/7 Protection

Around the clock protection and constant monitoring for phishing and malware detection to guarantee real-time protection.

Augment Email Security


Immediate Protection

Get immediate protection in a straightforward manner with convenient installations and integrations.


Data Interoperability

Availability of data in various formats including rbldns, api, and csv (text file)


Executive Overviews

A bird's-eye perspective of risks from frequent reporting and application of proper remediation.

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