Digital Forensics and Data Recovery

Whether your organization is a legal firm, technical advisors, police agencies, courts or corporate organizations, Secureix will guarantee to aid you in investigating your organization. Utilizing our highly-trained computer forensics experts, we can recover deleted data, hidden or undiscoverable data, corrupted data due to software/hardware corruption or lost data due to physically damaged drives or devices.

Securix follows a versatile yet precise four stage evidence recovery process which includes data collection, data processing, data review and data production.

Data Collection

Securix utilizes the most efficient and effective means of data collection while maintaining data integrity in the process of collecting critical data to backup your case. Securix guarantees through our years of experience with our fully-equipped labs and our highly-trained data recovery experts that we are more than capable of information recovery through any media sources.

Data Processing

Aligned to your review policy and preferred preview options, Secureix organizes and processes information in the most suitable format.

Data Review

In instances of complex and large data recovery, Secureix provides the most cost effective approach for data recovery and review for optimization of litigation expenses. Secureix also organizes and structures data according to the client’s review plan.

Data Production

Secureix utilizes its state-of-the-art tools and technologies to provide the desired file type and format of the information after retrieving the lost data.

Forensic Data Recovery

Securix is trustworthy for recovering your sensitive data. When your high-tech crime unit examines an exhibit, Securix will provide you evidential data in a forensically sound approach in compliance with ACPO guidelines. 


Securix guarantees a secure, fully auditable and aligned compliance to ACPO guidelines and with current data management legislation. Clients are assured to have a peace of mind that their security necessities are achieved while protecting their data, their customers and their reputation.

Hardware failures

  • Single Hard disk failure
  • Multiple hard disk drive failure (or multiple drives going offline)
  • Intermittent drive failure resulting in configuration corruption
  • Hardware conflicts

Software failures

  • Configuration damage or corruption
  • Software corruption
  • Software or operating system upgrades
  • Issues with Microsoft Exchange, SQL and general Microsoft server applications

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