Data Security

With Secureix Data Security your consumer’s trust, and your company's reputation are protected. Whether on cloud or on-premises we protect your data and give you useful insights into any malicious activity that could put your data at risk.

Data Risk Analytics

With Secureix, discover and prevent any risky data activity and data breach before any damage occur. Also Secureix provides faster data threat detection and reduces risks with a dynamic security approach and practical insights.

  • Filters billions of audit events to a quantifiable number of security insights.
  • Supplies granular risk context into who and how the data is being used using learning and behavior analytics
  • Reduces risk and accelerates investigation by simplifying incidents into plain language.

Cloud Data Security

Secures data and provides an audit-ready platform by a DBaaS security and compliance monitoring SaaS. Secureix Data Security, being a cloud-native data security, provides users with a non-intrusive AWS RDS visibility without obstructing DevOps pipelines.

  • Out-of-the-box security and compliance
  • Automated discovery, classification, detection, reporting, and security insights
  • Non-blocking, onboards in minutes

Data Monitoring and Protection

Monitor and audit all your data activity whether local or authorized users and applications using Secureix. Get real-time detection and quick response to threats.

  • Using pre-built or custom security policies that block unauthorized activities, Secureix provides real-time threat prevention.
  • Automatic detailed data monitoring indicating who, when and what data was accessed for compliance and forensics.
  • Secureix provides constant supervision across a vast range of environments whether its databases, big data, clouds, mainframes, etc.

Data Discovery and Classification

With Secureix, identify sensitive data and locate it on your system. Discover new, forgotten, or rouge databases for risk reduction in your security and identify data stores aligned with compliance.

  • Automatic database detection both on-premises or in the cloud
  • Sensitive and regulated data identification for mandatory compliance (e.g. PCI, HIPAA, GDPR)
  • Database content and metadata examination for pre-built and custom data types.

Database Vulnerability Assessments

Secureix scans databases for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations then identifies exploitable security gaps that attackers may target and suggests efficient and effective remedial actions.

  • Vulnerability and misconfiguration identification for databases both on-premises or within the cloud
  • Supports over 1,500 pre-built CIS and DISA STIG benchmark based assessments.

Data Masking

Secureix complies with data privacy and protection regulations by de-identifying sensitive data in non-production environments and safely unlocks data power while reducing risks in data breach.

  • Using numerous transformation techniques, Secureix alters sensitive data with fictional, but realistic values.
  • With referential integrity and accurate statistics, Secureix guarantees data utility maintenance.
  • Efficient and effective masking of large volumes of data provides enterprise-class scalability and performance.
  • Secureix supports a wide range of data stores.

File Security

Secureix prevents ransomware and cybercriminals in their tracks for effective protection on your sensitive data.

  • Secureix showcases policy-based monitoring and deception technology
  • Identifies high-risk file access activities by supporting data risk analytics
  • Identifies and prohibits unauthorized users

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