Buying Bulk Nerf Guns  

Buying Bulk Nerf Guns  


NERF is a trademarked brand for soft guns and was created by the Parker Brothers and sold to Hasbro toys. This market is large, with guns being sold to all ages from 5-year-old up to adult groups. NERF guns come in many models today, and what makes them stick out are their colorful design and relative safe use.

NERF guns shoot a soft foam bullet using either air pressure or a spring, or a mixture of both methods. Essentially, NERF guns can be simple for small hands, or strong long-range shooters for adult games.

What you should know Buying Bulk Nerf Guns?

Buying Bulk Nerf Guns  


No one really knows what NERF stands for; it is, however, a catchy name that has no connection to the device being branded under its title. So when you go to buy a NERF, just say “NERF” and the customer support or sales agent will know exactly what you mean.

NERF buying tips

There are a number of options to buying NERF guns, the single specific gun for a specific person, the NERF kits for more than one player and then the wholesale kits or bulk purchases for either large groups or reselling.

The things you need to consider when buying a NERF gun are the target market and accessories. The last thing you want to do is buy a gun from a source that does not comply with standards, which means you cannot buy standard ammo for the guns you purchase. So, tip number 1:

  • Only buy from a reliable source.

Now, before we go into all the tips, let’s look at NERF guns and the variety of styles, this will help you decide what you want to get and for what purpose.

There are essentially four different NERF categories, and these are:

Pistols and handguns: These are standard hand held small shot toys that have a smaller ammo capacity and used one hand for aiming and shooting. As with real pistols, these are short-range shooters for close up shots. It’s always good to have one in your belt for any close combat situations. These are also the best-started weapons for kids.

Machine guns: These are NERFs with ammo drums. A typical machine gun will have >20 ammo cartridge, and if you are a serious player, you will have spare filled cartridges available for immediate reloads. Now, these guns do not shoot one at a time in fast fashion, they shoot anywhere from two, three or even more darts at one time, delivering a wide shot pattern similar to a shotgun, but with an automatic reload system. Hence, these are machine guns and not shotguns. These make up for lack of targeting accuracy with their mass shooting performance.

Rifles: These are the popular and classic NERF guns. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all hold between 5 to 25 darts and shoot one dart at a time. The range is longer than your pistol and is great for simulating combat situations. Rifles come with a variety of mechanisms and are the most versatile of the NERF guns.

Crossbow Hybrids: While crossbows are not guns, the NERF crossbow hybrid is actually a gun shaped like a crossbow, so essentially, they should be called rifles, or pistols, but due to their unique design are classified in a category all until themselves. In most cases, these toys can hold up to 10 darts.

Buying Bulk Nerf Guns  

Characteristics to Look for

Comfort. This is tip number 2:

  • Only buy a toy that is comfortable to hold.

While some designs look cool, they are either too bulky to hold, or their design features confuse the user and make loading and operating awkward.

Remember that it is children you are buying this toy for, and even adults when playing are children. The last thing you want is a frustrated child.

Weight. The third tip is weight, the more complex a design, the more design features, and ammo supported the heavier the toy. Also, aiming can be an issue with heavier toys. Tip number 3:

  • Buy a NERF gun that is light and easy to hold and aim

Loading. Loading your NERF is where the fun stops and the frustration begins. The harder a loading takes, the longer it will contribute to the user’s frustration. Make sure that the NERF model you buy is easy to load, even when loading individual darts. The drums and cartridges should also be easy to fill and prime. Take note that low volume cartridges are the worst to buy, they hold anywhere from 3 to 10 darts, and if they are hard to fill and awkward to load, you will be causing a lot of stress every 5 seconds, because that is roughly the time it takes to shoot that load.  Tip number 4:

  • Only buy a NERF you have tested for easy loading and priming

Jamming. Some guns jam darts when they are not loaded properly, and this means that you need to prefer a NERF machine gun that can hold a larger load of pre-loaded darts in a drum or cartridge. This will assure you of fewer jams as properly loaded drums will not stick as much as single shot weapons where loading and priming is a constant operation. Tip number 5:

  • Prefer a large capacity ammunition NERF


Its time to look at what comes with a NERF gun, and there are a number of fun accessories that are mandatory, which means ammunition. This is a must to have and in abundance. NERF ammo is like golf balls, ping-pong balls, and pens. They always go missing. These soft spongy darts will go missing and in droves. So, make sure you have a constant and large surplus of darts.

In regard to dart types, there are essentially four styles of ammunition, and these are:

  1. Rubber-tipped foam cylinder. These are the classic darts and come in a variety of colors and configurations, but are all identical in diameter to fit NERF brands. Make sure they are a NERF brand compatible since there are competing brands with different diameters. These are the items you always want to buy in bulk.
  2. Mega dart, bigger and makes a whistling noise when shot
  3. The missile, even larger in size and is only used in certain NERF Blasters
  4. Foam Balls used by the BNERF Rifle range and is for children over 14 years old.


NERF is an accessorized playing experience, and there are a lot of options to choose from. These include magazines and drums for ammunition, gun holders and holsters, jackets and clips for holding magazines, drums, and single darts as well grips, sights, barrel extensions bipods, tripods and more.

The more serious you are about NERFing, the more you will get into accessories, it comes with the level of fanaticism you develop. For instance, there are upper accessory rails for sights, as well as lower accessory rails to enable clipping to a bipod.

Clothing is also a big issue with Vests, bandoliers, helmets, and masks.

The NERF Fun Factor

With all this accessorizing and exceptional versatility, the bottom line is a soft toy for children to have fun. So, let’s look at two options:

  • Buying a gun for a child or children, to enjoy the fun of hunting and shooting.
  • Buying a range of weapons and accessories for adults to enjoy a competitive environment similar to paintball.

When you buy a gun for children, choose the lightest and preferably one dart one shot. This will keep your children busy shooting, running, picking up ammo, loading, running…you get the picture.

For adults (teenagers and over) accessorize to the limit, buy fast shooting multi-magazine, machine guns, and pistols. Give them the best of both worlds, the hide and seek with the close combat as well as long-distance tactical solutions.

The Best of the Best

As any Men in a Black candidate, and they will attest, they are the best of the best of the best, which is why only the fun guys get to wear the suit. NERF is about fun, not accessorizing and showing off. Well, actually it’s about that too. The more rinky-dink you can bring into the game the more you are feared and revered. Just remember, the more design features, the heavier the weapon. It’s best to concentrate on power and to have a weapon and reload option that lets you remain fully loaded and ready at all times.

Buying Bulk NERF Guns

It’s time to buy a NERF gun, where do you go? If you are buying in bulk, you need to scan the internet for wholesalers and dealers with deals. Don’t buy brands you don’t recognize and read all the reviews.

Good NERF guns will cost, you can save on ammo, but not on the gun. So invest in bulk ammo, and if you want to make sure you have a good supply of guns, get a deal on buying 10 or more of the same model. This means that no one has an advantage in technology, only in skill.

One final word on purchasing NERF guns and accessories, if you like to arrange events, such as birthday parties, office events and such, investing in a load of different NERF models, ammunition and accessories is the way to go. It is not an expensive investment, and you can rent out the equipment at a reasonable price. Just something to consider when buying NERF guns in bulk.