Best Shotgun Scope Review List


Hunting is an amazingly popular hobby worldwide. For example, Americans rate it as the top 13th favorite amusement; in Russia it is mentioned as the 3rd captivating outdoor activity.

According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, 12.5 million of adult people throughout America go hunting every year. Hunters of both genders, various ages and professions spend totally 185 million hunting trips and 228 million days annually. 91% of them are male, however.

PhotoProduct nameView on Amazon
1. Bushnell Trophy Shotgun Scope1. Bushnell Trophy Shotgun ScopeView on Amazon
2. Nikon ProStaff Riflescope2. Nikon ProStaff RiflescopeView on Amazon
3. Simmons 517793 Shotgun Riflescope3. Simmons 517793 Shotgun RiflescopeView on Amazon
4. Weaver V-3 1-3*20 Riflescope4. Weaver V-3 1-3*20 RiflescopeView on Amazon
5. Nikon Slughunter Riflescope5. Nikon Slughunter RiflescopeView on Amazon
6. Leupold VX-1 Shotgun Scope6. Leupold VX-1 Shotgun ScopeView on Amazon
7. Konus Shotgun Riflescope7. Konus Shotgun RiflescopeView on Amazon
8. Monstrum Prism Scope8. Monstrum Prism ScopeView on Amazon
The most hunted animals are deers, elks, squirrels, rabbits; birds like ducks, turkeys and pheasants are commonly shot. Wildlife viewing and birds watching is also exciting, but multiple hunters strive for bagging a trophy.

Of course, you need a top-quality, reliable and versatile gun for your hobby. The best shotgun scope is not a must; you can go hunting without it. However, the optics is necessary, as it provides some valuable advantages.

It improves your chances to hit the target, reduces eye strain, eliminates canting problem and adds some lighting.

But, what’s the most important, with a top-quality scope, you don’t need to align the shot; so hunting is much easier and more efficient with reliable, durable and bright optics. Thus, let’s review several top shotgun scopes, weighing their pros and cons.

1. Bushnell Trophy Shotgun Scope

Bushnell scopes are all-round winners of several worldwide ratings and reviews. This top-quality item that is equipped with precisely calibrated Circle-X reticle is not an exception.

It’s admitted as the most advanced scope for slug gun of 2017 due to high performance, great relief and smooth, responsive adjustments.

The product is quite affordable, especially taking into account that is it designed for both hunting and sports applications. The scope is compact and lightweight; its image is clear; the lenses are multicoated to avoid sunlight reflexions.

The optics is shockproof, fogproof and waterproof. The product is the best in terms of price-quality correlation. So, the only disappointment attributed with the Bushnell scopes is due to cracked lenses, but it’s hardly probable.

Using of the shotgun scopes for deer hunting is recommended by several experts, so opt for top quality and reliability.

Specific Features:

  • dimensions: 16.2*3.2*2.5 inches;
  • weight: 12.7 ounces;
  • magnification: 1.75-4X;
  • lens diameter: 32 mm.;
  • eye-relief: 3.5”;
  • field of view: 64-29 feet at 100 yards;
  • 91% light transmission;
  • fast-focus eyepiece;
  • color: matte black.

2. Nikon ProStaff Riflescope

Famous for unique design, great eye relief, improved, adjustable light transmission and brightness, Nikon camo shotgun scope is winning the market. It is highly ranked thanks to its superior performance, optical clarity and light weight.

Using advanced technologies, Nikon delivers superior optics performance. The hunter’s brow is safe due to long eye relief; ballistic reticle has got a 75-yard parallax setting that is great for precise shooting.

The scope is declared as lethal at 200 yards, that is more than the other optics can reach. The only disadvantage includes plastic covers for adjustments, but commonly the product is perfect. Shock resistance is not proven by the manufacturer.
Distinctive Features

  • dimensions: 15.5*4*3.5 inches;
  • weight: 13.8 ounces;
  • magnification: 2-7 X;
  • lens diameter: 32 mm;
  • eye relief: 3.8 inches;
  • quick-focus eyepiece;
  • waterproof, fogproof housing (O-ring sealed).

3. Simmons 517793 Shotgun Riflescope

The next product is very affordable, and, therefore, quite popular. Considering its top quality, brightness and clarity. The scope is compact, solid and really good for the money.

Hunters usually use their recently bought items as turkey scopes for shotguns. They are well-suited for turkey hunting. The Pro Hunter is equipped with ProDiamond reticle; it’s durable and waterproof.

Nevertheless, unlike the top product, the Simmons scope is not shockproof, so the cases when it breaks, are common, unfortunately. Meanwhile, magnification and lenses are excellent, design is beautiful.
Basic Features:

  • dimensions: 14.4*3.2*3.2 in.;
  • weight: 8.6 ounces;
  • eye relief: 4 in.;
  • diameter of objective lens: 32 mm;
  • magnification: 4x;
  • field of view: 23.6 ft. at 100 yards;
  • waterproof, fogproof housing.

4. Weaver V-3 1-3*20 Riflescope

Top-quality, a bit expensive items also find their ready markets, and this product is listed among the best shotgun scopes. It stands out for clear, bright lens, fine reticle, easy adjustment, light weight and good eye relief.

The optics is made in Japan, from the best materials. Additionally, Weaver riflescope is famous for its elegant design, red dot advantages and finish.

  • dimensions: 9.2*3*3 in.
  • weight: 8.5 ounces;
  • magnification: 1-3x;
  • objective lens: 20 mm.;
  • dual-X reticle;
  • ¼” adjustment at 100 yrd.;
  • eye relief: 4.13”
  • multi-coated lens;
  • waterproof (fogproof), shockproof.

5. Nikon Slughunter Riflescope

The product is marketed as a long range, high performance and top-quality one. Lethal distance is declared as 200 yards. It’s quite accurate, especially at 50-100 yards, but it’s very good, too.

You would appreciate perfect eye relief, brightness, unique design and light transmission, as the ShugHunter camo shotgun scope perfectly meets even the most demanding customers’ needs.

Distinctive Features:

  • dimensions: 3.2*4.7*15.8 in.;
  • weight: 14.7 ounces;
  • eye relief: 5 inches;
  • magnification: 3-9 x;
  • light transmission: 92.5%;
  • shockproof, fogproof, waterproof;
  • field of view: 8.4-25.5 ft. at 100 yrd.;
  • diameter of objective lens: 40 mm.

6. Leupold VX-1 Shotgun Scope

Top-quality and high performance, the product is not as perfect and popular as the previous items. It’s not a bestseller. Meanwhile, it is ranked high thanks to clarity, easy adjustments, brightness and lightweight design.

The product is recommended for use as a turkey scope for shotgun. It’s equipped with turkey plex 113867 reticle, that is convenient and beneficial.

Additionally, durability, shock resistance, easy adjustments for elevation and winds, lead-free glass make Leupold item the most suitable scope for turkey hunting. It is designed for shorter range of distances; target acquisition is fast.
Principal Features:

  • dimensions: 14.2*3.2*2.9 in.;
  • weight: 10.6 ounces;
  • eye relief: 4.2- 3.7”;
  • field of view: 44.6-17.8 ft. at 100 yards;
  • magnification: 2-7x;
  • lens diameter: 33 mm.;
  • waterproof, rugged, shockproof.

7. Konus Shotgun Riflescope

But for the affordable price and great technical characteristics, the product is not the most requested. The came shotgun scope is designed for sports and military applications; so, it’s really durable and heavy-duty.

The item is positioned as professional, and it stands out from the other scopes for engraved glass reticle (tactical style) and wide field of view. Therefore, the riflescope is perfect for the price, fully featured.

  • dimensions: 14*4.2*3.8 in.;
  • weight: 14.1 ounces;
  • eye relief: 2.9-4.13”;
  • magnification 1.5-5x;
  • lens diameter: 32 mm.;
  • max adjustment: 83.7”;
  • field of view: 20-60 ft. at 100 yards;
  • waterproof, shock resistant;

8. Monstrum Prism Scope

Compact and lightweight, heavy duty scope is listed among the most requested shotgun scopes for deer hunting. It is high performance and reliable, recommended as budget accessory for a shotgun, designed for mid-range target acquisition.

The optics is clear enough; illumination is bright. But quick release is absent; adjustments are atypical. Meanwhile, experienced hunters prefer Monstrum, and this product is extremely popular.


  • dimensions:5*2.8*2 in.;
  • weight: 15 ounces;
  • magnification: 3x;
  • objective lens: 30 mm;
  • eye relief: 3.5 in.;
  • field of view:
  • waterproof, shockproof.

Looking for the best shotgun scope, hunters consider magnification, clarity, brightness, price and ease of adjustment.

Heavy-duty, tactic products are preferable for deer hunting; turkeys can be shot at closer distance, but durability, shock resistance, brightness and accuracy are important. To keep your firearms and scopes clean and safe, use a gun safe. Here’s my ultimate guide on how to choose the best gun safe under 1000.

This guide will help you to opt for an excellent camo shotgun scope, well-suited for your application, lightweight and top-quality. These accessories help you to hit the target easily and without any efforts.

So, enjoy your trips and take care of your hunting equipment and accessories.