Best Self-Defense Knife – TOP 10 Options to Ensure Your Utmost Protection


self-defense knife
There are diverse items that can be used to increase your level of protection. One of the most appealing ones is a knife. It is compact and may come in handy in a plethora of situations. It can be also used for everyday activities You can also take it with you on a hunting trip. It is a multifunctional tool that is easy to transport and apply.

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1. Kershaw Cryo Steel Blade and Stainless Steel Handle with Titanium Carbo-Nitride Coating1. Kershaw Cryo Steel Blade and Stainless Steel Handle with Titanium Carbo-Nitride CoatingVery sharp and suitable for multiple tasks

  • minimalistic and efficient design

  • resistant to environmental influences

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2. Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife Fixed Blade2. Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife Fixed BladeProduced of stainless steel

  • compact

  • efficient

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3. Spyderco Matriarch Spyder Edge Knife with Emerson Opener3. Spyderco Matriarch Spyder Edge Knife with Emerson OpenerThe best folding knife for EDC and self-defense

  • lasting and trustworthy

  • durable and reliable

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4. SOG SEAL Pup Elite Fixed Blade – Black AUS-8 Blade4. SOG SEAL Pup Elite Fixed Blade – Black AUS-8 BladeExcellent in terms of a grip

  • eliminate the slippery effects

  • allow several attachment positions

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5. Benchmade – Bedlam 860 Knife, Scimitar5. Benchmade – Bedlam 860 Knife, ScimitarCombination of the tactical-oriented design and solid material

  • lasting and really reliable

  • device is foldable

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6. Benchmade – Crooked River 15080 Knife, Drop-Point6. Benchmade – Crooked River 15080 Knife, Drop-PointTrustworthy American manufacturer

  • outstanding

  • stylish

  • reliable

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7. Spyderco ParaMilitary Plain Edge Knife7. Spyderco ParaMilitary Plain Edge KnifeThe circle whole allows quick deployment of the blade

  • ultimate black design

  • very sharp

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8. Cold Steel Recon Tanto Plain Edge 4in Folding Knife8. Cold Steel Recon Tanto Plain Edge 4in Folding KnifeHas a simple cutting edge

  • long-term service

  • protected from the environmental influences

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9. Gerber Silver Trident Knife, Double Serration9. Gerber Silver Trident Knife, Double SerrationBlade has two types of serration from both sides

  • reliable

  • functional blade

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10. Gerber Decree Knife10. Gerber Decree KnifeForm of the blade makes it easy to sharpen

  • foldable

  • quick and smooth

More Information
Hopefully, you’ll never need to use a knife to get out of the risky situation. However, you can also avoid one! Knife self-defense doesn’t mean you are going to stab someone. You can use it, for example, for rescue purposes or to scare an attacker off. I’ve gathered some tips on how to choose the perfect option to help you out!


Devices come in lots of sizes and shapes, and you need to pick the most suitable one. Remember that the non-foldable items should be carried in a sheath. It doesn’t mean that the bigger the blade is, the better the protection is. Small blades are convenient to use for precise cutting, for instance, for woodwork. Generally, it is advised to pay attention to the size so that you can take the balance, approximate weight, and carriage options into consideration.

Wear Position

Overall, there are two types of caring the device – on the belt and in the pocket. The sheath is used to be mounted on the belt. For the pocket placement, it is enough to apply the clip that is attached to the item.
combat knife
Please note that you should attach the device to the side where your main hand is. If you are a left-handed user – clip the thing on the left side.

Special Features

There are several fascinating features you might want to look for. First of all, consider the blade shape. I’ve put on my list knives with serration, partial serration, double cutting edge, etc.

There are also such features as assisted opening, compression lock, and handle glass breaker.

Check out this list of the best self-defense knives:

1. Kershaw Cryo Steel Blade and Stainless Steel Handle with Titanium Carbo-Nitride Coating

This product is an excellent combination of the minimalistic and efficient design as well as high functionality. It is made of stainless steel, which is a remarkably robust, tough and durable metal. The blade and handle are covered with coating that makes them resistant to environmental influences. The item won’t rust and won’t be affected by corrosion.

The blade is very sharp and suitable for multiple tasks. You can take this device with you and use it while hunting, traveling, camping, or carry it for self-defense. There is a unique feature that makes this product very advantageous – assisted opening.

The blade is released by pushing a particular button. This opening system is fast so you can react quickly to a hazard. And it also helps to keep the fingers away from the sharp part of the item, which is an excellent feature for a knife used in self-defense.


The lade length is 2.75’; closed position length: 3.75’; open position’s length: 6.5’.

Wear Position

The belt clip is quite deep, which is fantastic. This construction prevents the falling off risks and makes the carry concealed. The device can be worn in 4 different positions. It can be used for the left-handed, but the right-handed individuals can carry it equally good.

Special Features

The frame lock keeps the blade in the opened position. This prevents accidental closing of the item. Assisted release trigger helps to unlock the device really quickly and secure your fingers.


2. Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife Fixed Blade

This is an exceptionally compact and efficient product that is perfect for lots of purposes. It is made of durable and solid metal for the long-term service.

The blade is very sharp and produced of stainless steel. The item features all-black design and slightly angled handle. The drop-point design makes this device very well-balanced.

The grip is tight and pleasant. You will be pleased to know that this product goes together with a sheath for a hidden and safe carry. It is tightly attached to a belt with a clip to provide easy access to a weapon.

The sheath alarms you with the click sound when the item is in a secure position. The blade release is quick although it is not assisted.


Blade length: 2 1/2’; open position length: 5 3/4’.

Wear Position

It is constructed to be worn with the unique sheath provided with a clip. It can be mounted on both sides, so it is equally useful for the right- and left-handed individuals.

Special Features

The drop-point design ensures the balance and steadiness of the item. The ergonomic size provides concealed carry. This is a self-defense item that is made for a close contact as a backup weapon.


3. Spyderco Matriarch Spyder Edge Knife with Emerson Opener

The unique serrated blade construction of this item is the first thing to notice. It is made to increase the combat efficiency of the product.

It truly stands out from its competitors. This item is made in Japan and proved to be lasting and trustworthy. High-quality materials are durable and reliable. The product comes with the clip that can be attached in 4 diverse ways, so you can apply the most suitable one.

The deployment of the blade is ensured by an excellent patented Emerson wave feature releasing the blade when you are taking your device out of the pocket. You pull it the way the wave is turned by the fabric of the pocket and the cutting surface is released. Here’s a short video on how to do it properly.

It is worth mentioning that this item is lightweight, the grip traction is excellent. The gripping remains fantastic even if your hands are wet. This is the best folding knife for EDC and self-defense.


Blade length: 3.57’; open position length: approximately 8”.

Wear Position

The product is equipped with the construction that is screwed to the belt or pocket and can be applied in 4 diverse ways. Therefore, it is suitable for any dominant hand user.

Special Features

This device is unique regarding the serrated blade, fascinating traction and quick deployment systems. You can use the hole or the Emerson wave opening feature.

4. SOG SEAL Pup Elite Fixed Blade – Black AUS-8 Blade

If a foldable knife isn’t for you, you might find this item interesting. This product is thoughtfully designed for professional use. It features the handle with excellent traction and a remarkably sharp and thick heavy-duty blade.

The traction is excellent in terms of a grip. The handle has finger grooves and grip lines that eliminate the slippery effects. The item is beautifully balanced. The thumb is placed in a particular blade spine curve.

It goes together with a rugged nylon holster that is lasting. The holster features several pre-mounted holes that allow several attachment positions. The nylon material is quiet in use. It has a small pocket for small essentials.

The whole construction is covered with the black TiN coating that protects the product from numerous influences and corrosion.

One of the most essential advantages of the construction of this item is unmovable blade. It won’t fold when in use!


Blade length is 4.87’; whole item’s length: approximately 9.5”.

Wear Position

The product goes with a holster and a clip. The construction can be mounted to a belt or pocket; the holes on the sides of the sheath allow attaching it in various positions.

Special Features

This device can’t be folded. It features a thick blade for the maximum balance. And such construction prevents accidental folding of the blade.


5. Benchmade – Bedlam 860 Knife, Scimitar

Combination of the tactical-oriented design and solid material makes this item lasting and really reliable. The device is foldable and can be operated (and opened!) with one hand, which is very convenient and saves time.

The blade is resistant to rust and corrosion; it is thick and robust. The handle feels good in your hand; it features curves for fingers. I can say that the material of the handle provides ideal tractions.

Another advantage of this product is that it is designed for both the left- and the right-handed users, as the handle is ambidextrous. It can be mounted on both sides too because the clip to the belt is reversible. If you are looking for a versatile item, this is what you need.

The product is beautiful, functional and very sharp. The general weight of the solid device ensures the balance and the comfortable use of the item.


Blade length: 4’; length of the whole item: 9.76”.

Wear Position

The clip provided by the manufacturer is ambidextrous – you can wear it on either side of your belt.

Special Features

The design of this product is inspired by the tactical devices. It is very lasting, minimalistic but with the nice features of thumb and finger curves. You can open it with only one hand.


6. Benchmade – Crooked River 15080 Knife, Drop-Point

Benchmade is a trustworthy American manufacturer that is famous for its knives. That’s why I’ve put several items made by them on my list. This product is outstanding, stylish and reliable. Here is why!

The blade is well-balanced. It is made of stainless steel to resist environmental impacts, such as rust and corrosion. The handle is made of wood that has been stabilized is protected from the influences mentioned above, too. It is comfortable to hold, the grip is excellent, and the handle doesn’t slip.

And let’s face it – wooden handle makes the item fancy and unique. You can take it with you on a hunting trip or just wear it on a daily basis.

This product is also characterized by one-hand unfolding technology, which is remarkably convenient. The item is equipped with the pocket clip and can be easily mounted.

The deployment is fast, and the cutting edge is remarkably sharp – it can be used right from the box. This product is quite big, reliable and a bit heavy.


Blade length is 4’; the length of the whole item: 9.30”.

Wear Position

It is designed to be worn inside the pocket. You can unscrew the clip quickly and reverse the wearable side. It is simple to do. I think it is probably the best self-defense knife for a woman as it is light and well-balanced.

Special Features

Is is an excellent device for any activities, as it is nicely balanced and possesses a stylish design. The materials are perfectly durable. It is one of the most significant Benchmade products.


7. Spyderco ParaMilitary Plain Edge Knife

The first thing to notice about this product is the ultimate black design. The blade is quite short in comparison to the handle, but it is very sharp with its narrow cutting edge.

The handle is made narrower at the gripping position. It prevents slippery and makes sure the knife won’t fall out. The gripping is solid, and the traction is reliable. Remember, you don’t have to worry about the product slipping out.

The circle whole allows quick deployment of the blade. The handle is curved to the hand shape for user comfort. The thumb area is serrated. The clip that is provided with this item can be worn 4 ways – the manufacturer has considered all wear options for versatile use.

One of the most exciting features of this product is super reliable and robust lock that keeps the blade in the desired position. It won’t accidentally fold or unfold.

This device is equally suitable for both everyday use and some woodwork.


Blade length: 3.438’; the length of the whole item: 8.281”.

Wear Position

The included clip is designed for the pocket. It can be worn in two possible ways – tip-up and tip-down. The whole construction can be mounted on both sides.

Special Features

This is a very sharp and light item that is unique with its versatile wearing features. The hole allows a quick opening by bare hand or even when in gloves. The compression lock prevents accidental opening or closing of the item.


8. Cold Steel Recon Tanto Plain Edge 4in Folding Knife

The Cold Steel designed this item with the idea of perfection and long-term service. It has a simple cutting edge, which is excellent for all kinds of tasks. It also prevents the break of the item’s tip, which can happen in case of abusive use.

The materials used in the production of this item are remarkably sturdy and reliable. They are protected from the environmental influences and are very lasting. The handle is curved to the hand shape. The surface of the handle is not plain to increase the traction ability.

This is a fantastic tactical folding product with a fast deployment ability. This product is widely used by the law enforcement officers.

The blade of the product is very sharp and light, it is thin but sturdy. It is also covered with the protective coating. Among the best self-defense weapons to carry, this one definitely deserves your attention.


The blade length is 4’, but the manufacturer allows to order this item with various blade dimensions.

Wear Position

The pocket clip can be screwed from both sides. The product isn’t too large and fits the pocket with no problem. It can be used without a holster.

Special Features

The plain cutting edge makes this product very advantageous. It allows using the thing for almost all kinds of purposes. Such construction eliminates breaking of the item’s tip.


9. Gerber Silver Trident Knife, Double Serration

I’ve got something fascinating for you – this is a remarkably reliable, superb device by Gerber. First of all, the blade has two types of serration from both sides. It is the most functional blade on my list – you can use it for all kinds of activities. It is remarkably sharp and well-balanced.

The handle is fantastic too because it is resistant to heat, as well as UV and chemical influences. The gripping is nice and tight; the finger-curves eliminate slippery risks. The top layer of the handle material is soft and feels very delicate in your hand; it is also textured for the increased traction.

The blade is treated to be resistant to corrosion. It is flexible, lasting and robust. The whole construction is incredibly reliable.

Please note that this item isn’t foldable – so you should wear it with a holster that is included in the pack. The sheath is very durable as it is made of nylon. This is a tactical combat product that can be easily named the best self-defense fixed-blade knife.


Blade length: 6.18’; overall length: 11.22’

Wear Position

The item can be worn in the sheath provided by the manufacturer. You can mount the sheath on both sides.

Special Features

Among the unique features of this product, I should definitely name the butt cap of the handle – it is made from steel. This part of the product can be used as a hummer, which is a helpful tool that can be very useful outdoors. Another advantage is matte black finish on the blade – it is not only corrosion-resistant, but it eliminates glare and flashes.


10. Gerber Decree Knife

This is another excellent Gerber product that is characterized by several important features. First of all, it is foldable and features assessed deployment of the blade. It is quick and smooth – the lock secures the blade position.

The form of the blade makes it easy to sharpen. It features the partial serration which gives you two blades in one. The material is rugged and robust, it is covered with the mate ceramic finish.

The handle has an easy-gripping form. It is covered with the rubberized diamond texture for the excellent traction in any circumstances.

The handle features the glass-breaker at the end. This is a tactical advantage that increases self-defense capabilities of the item helping in the risky situations.

It is a light but solid item that can be useful in diverse situations. The blade is very sharp, and the handle is easy to grip. It is corrosion-resistant due to the high-quality coating.


Blade length is 3.7’; overall length: 8.7’.

Wear Position

It is better to carry this item inside your pocket. The clip is sturdy as it is made from steel. The product can be worn on both sides.

Special Features

First of all, it is the rapid deployment that is possible thanks to the thumb studs and the finger flip tab. Another distinctive feature of this knife is a partial blade serration that increases its cutting abilities. The blade is also covered with a non-reflective finish to prevent corrosion as well as for tactical advantage. The reflection won’t give away your position.


blue knife


All of the above-mentioned best self-defense gadgets are very efficient. They are simple in use and require no professional experience. They are also carried concealed without too much effort being small and foldable.

The market offers a great variety of the items to choose from. They are all made from excellent materials to provide long-term service. While picking the perfect item, please pay attention to the size and form of the knife and especially the blade.

Another crucial self-defense feature is quick deployment and general accessibility of the item. Please mount or attach it so that you can quickly pull it off.

I hope that this article was useful to you. Choose the right item wisely and feel protected with your new functional knife. However, I still wish you to never experience the need to use it for self-defense! Take care!