23 Clever Hidden Gun Safe Ideas for Home, Office or Car

Hidden gun safe ideas to store your weapons

In today’s crazy world, who wouldn’t feel safer walking around knowing their guns and ammunition are locked up safe and sound in their own home.

After all, gun accidents happen most commonly in the home so it’s best to secure those firearms for the protection of your loved ones.

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This article is going to give you an awesome, comprehensive list of hidden gun storage ideas so that you can lock up your guns and ammo to keep them safe and sound.

After we break down the best hidden gun safe options, we take a look at the pros and cons associated with hidden guns safes.

This thing should not just be in the cupboard or under the bed like we used to see in films. It should be stored very well for example in a gun safe.

If you are thinking of getting a gun or looking for a good place to store it, and finally be armed to provide security for your family, I decided to review some handgun storage solutions.

There will be ideas that you might have seen on the Internet as well as new suggestions that you have never thought about before.

In this article, I would like to present you awesome gun concealment devices that you can purchase on the Internet for reasonable prices.

Also you may like stealth furniture. If you have a creative mind and prefer to save money, then you will be able to copy some of the gun storages and do one of them yourself.

Reviews and comparison of the 17 best long gun storage solutions for your house

PictureProduct nameDimensionsFeatureMore info
Pearl Mantels 415-72-50 Abingdon Wood 72-Inch Fireplace Mantel Shelf, Medium Distressed Oak1. Pearl Mantels Wood Mantel Shelf6.25" H x 47.75" W x 2.5" DEasy installationView on Amazon
Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 gun safe2. Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 Gun Safe2.25 inch x 5.75 inch x 8.5 inchProtective foam-lined interiorView on Amazon
Peace Keeper Tall Rectangular Working Clock Gun Concealment Diversion Safe3. Peace Keeper Working Clock Gun Safe6.2 x 9.5 x 13.2 inchesDecorative rectangular clockView on Amazon
Wolverine Holsters Under - the - Desk Holster4. Wolverine Holsters Under-the-Desk Holster8.3 x 9.0 x 15.0 inchesUltra durable woven materialView on Amazon
Safety Solutions For Gun Storage Gun Magnet Concealed Rifle & Shotgun Magnetic Holder (1 Magnet Holder)5. Safety Solutions Gun Magnet Concealed Rifle & Shotgun Holder3.35 inch x 4.75 inch x 5.65 inchWeather ProofView on Amazon
BH1 DTOM Bedside Holster-Ambidextrous6. BH1 DTOM Bedside Holster15 x 5 x 7 inchesSlips under the mattressView on Amazon
Quick Vent Safe with RFID7. Quick Vent Safe with RFID16 x 7 x 7 inchesBlends in anywhereView on Amazon
Wooden Concealment Flag (Small)8. Wooden Concealment Flag (Small)12 x 3 x 4 inchesHeavy duty magnetView on Amazon
Solomone Cavalli Portable Biometric Fingerprint Gun Pistol Safe Jewelry Handgun Safe Box Security Box Hidden In Bedroom Car9. Solomone Cavalli Portable Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe11 x 3.2 x 3.2 inchesFingerprint sensorView on Amazon
The Pillow Safe10. The Pillow Safe20 x 28 x 5 inchesUseful as a secret safeView on Amazon
Gun Storage Solutions MULTI-MAG Gun Mounting Magnet (2-Pack)11. Gun Storage Solutions Gun Mounting Magnet7.5 x 3.8 x 1.5 inches4 individual magnetsView on Amazon
Double Diversion Book Gun Safe12. Double Diversion Book Gun Safe11.2 x 9 x 6.4 inchesBuilt-in lockView on Amazon
By My Side Holster Mount For Vehicle, Under Desk or Bedside13. By My Side Holster Mount for Car, Under Desk or Bedside15 x 5 x 7 inchesSide mount adapter includedView on Amazon
American Furniture Classics 611 10 Gun/Curio Slider Cabinet Combination14. American Furniture Classics Slider Cabinet22 x 26 x 66 inchesInconspicuous firearm storage solutionView on Amazon
IN THE WALL MIRROR GUN CABINET HARDWARE KIT15. In-the-Wall Mirror Gun Concealment17 x 5 x 8 inchesMagnetic hidden locking deviceView on Amazon
Hidden Compartment Mirror - Craftsman, Type 116. Hidden Compartment Mirror20 3/4 W x 20 1/2 H x 2 3/4Each shelf is adjustableView on Amazon
CASTLECREEK Gun Concealment Coffee Table17. CASTLECREEK Gun Concealment Coffee Table51 x 24 x 5 inchesAs attractive as it is functionalView on Amazon

Our Top Hidden Gun Storage Solutions for Around the House

Pearl Mantels Wood Fireplace Mantel Shelf

Abingdon Wood Fireplace Mantel Shelf

View on Amazon

The shelf on this list, this is one of the best options when it comes to hidden guns safes for keeping things under wraps.

This is another drop down shelf safe, perfect for mounting over your fireplace.

This safe is a great way to fit in any single room, blending in seamlessly with its surroundings.

It can hold items on top, just like a regular shelf, that won’t interfere with you getting your weapons when you need them most. The door pops open easily with its magnetic locks.

It also sports a relatively large interior chamber at 21 inches long, 12 wide and 4 deep, room for plenty of handguns and extra magazines.

The included LED light gives you easy access to your weapons when you need them most, no matter when you need them.

The trustful brand Pearl Mantels is the leader in a concealed firearm, document, and jewelry storage presents a new model of the gun cabinet that can be hung on any wall.

It has a drop down hidden gun shelf. The device can be easily mounted with hardware by following instructions.

This product can fit in any room or office interior; therefore, it does not stand out of the furniture set.

Stand out features:
  • You can place such items as photos and books on the shelf and they will not interfere with the access to your gun as the compartment drops under the shelf
  • The device opens when you activate the magnetic lock
  • Exterior dimensions are 21 long by 12 wide by 4 deep-interior

Take a look at these few amazing hidden storages in the wall and under the desk.

Pros Cons
This concealed gun shelf has a great construction with LED light. The magnetic lock is a little temperamental, and doesn’t always release at the first attempt.


GunVault SpeedVault

SpeedVault Handgun Safe

View on Amazon


The GunVault SpeedVault is unlike the previous two entries on this list. Instead of pretending to be an article of furniture, this safe is designed to fit right under whatever table or desk you could choose from.

A small, compact option, this is the perfect safe for storing away a handgun.

It opens with a super-simple drawer that drops down and gives you access for a lightning quick draw.

It even has lights so you can see what you’re doing no matter what the lighting conditions are like.

The interior of the safe is coated with soft, padded foam to cradle your weapon and protect it from any knicks and scratches.

This can even fit on your bedside table for quick and easy access in case of a criminal catching you and your family in the night.

This is a great option for those who might not have room for a whole new piece of hidden safe furniture.

Just like the best biometric gun safes, a great under desk gun safe construction with the interior courtesy light and foam that works by recognizing up to 120 individual fingerprints.

It provides a quick access; however, it is impossible to open it with hand tools. It can be mounted under the desk, coffee table, and in the car.

Stand out features:
  • 18-gauge steel construction
  • Fingerprint scanner for fast activation
  • Backup override key included
Pros Cons
The hand scan gun safe can be well hidden in any spot of the room or office, with foolproof programmable scanned entry. The mechanical whining noise as the electronic latch locks and unlocks.


How would you feel about grabbing your very own gorgeous wooden clock where you can store your Glock?

Doesn’t sound so bad, right?

The Liberty Peacemaker Concealment Clock is a fantastic clock safe that fits in, looks classy and effectively hides away your weaponry.

It even comes in an unfinished wood option so you can paint and make up this safe to suit whatever you might need.

A tactical wall clock for storing guns will fit in any room decoration. It has a large secret compartment that is hidden behind the face of the clock.

The construction uses a hinge and magnetic clasp to lock and unlock the storage easily.

Also, like the watches for cops, it works as a usual clock and shows the correct time.

The hidden storage space can also be used for keys, cash, credit cards, etc.

Stand out features:

This concealment clock for guns can be installed on the shelf, table, etc.

The diversion safe is a far better idea to store your valuables as long as burglars usually look for stuff in the areas underneath or inside closets

To function, the clock requires only one AA battery for power, which is included in the package. Two keys are also included

Pros Cons
A great design of the clock goes well with any interior and has a big storage space. The lock can be a little hard to turn at first.


Wolverine Holsters Under – the – Desk Holster

Wolverine Holsters Under - the - Desk Holster


Instead of getting yourself a brand new desk, get yourself a Wolverine Under-The-Desk holster instead.

This is the best option for those who take their security seriously but are working on a budget.

You can install the holster on the underside of your desk, on a cabinet or even along a closet wall with only a few metal grommets and a few screws.

It’s big enough to hold even the heaviest handguns around and can easily be adjusted to fit any handguns style weapon.

This is one of the lower priced options on this list, turning any peice of furniture you have already into a hidden gun safe as long as those weapons are out of easy access and view.

This thing is nowhere near big enough for if you’re trying to find a place to store rifles, however. So look elsewhere if you need a solution for your heavier artillery weapons.

This under desk gun holster solution is a budget idea. It can be mounted anywhere, for example under a desk, in a cabinet, or along a closet wall, and hold even big size handguns.

It provides a stable installation due to a tough synthetic panel with elastic gun-holder, metal grommets and 4 screws. To carry your gun with you, take a look at the list of the best AIWB holsters.

Stand out features:
  • Simple installation in any area of the room or office
  • A wide strap allows to keep big sized handguns
Pros Cons
Low price. Available for mounting under desks, cabinets, and along walls. The product can also be used as a car gun holster. Cannot be used for rifles.

Safety Solutions Concealed Rifle and Shotgun Magnetic Holder

Safety Solutions Gun Storage Gun Magnet Concealed Rifle & Shotgun Magnetic Holder

View on Amazon


For a cheap and magnetic alternative for your larger weapons, look to the Safety Solutions Concealed Rifle and Shotgun Magnetic Holder.

This easy to install magnet can hold up to 25 pounds, meaning your rifles, shotguns and semi-automatic weapons are perfect for this.

The product comes guaranteed, even offering to keep your gun steady during a 7 magnitude earthquake.

While this thing isn’t a gun safe itself, you can easily install the magnet and hide your guns away in the best spots for you and your home.

You can easily install this magnet in a place where you can keep it nearby, able to be reached and accessed without needing to unlock either manually or electronically.

A big issues for some is that this item can’t really but used in cars, which might be for the best anyways.

This really is the best solution for pistols and guns up to 25 lbs for a magnetic gun holder. It’s easy to install everywhere you want.

The manufacturer promises to keep a gun steady even an earthquake of a 7 on the magnitude scale. But, if you want the full protection of your firearms and shotguns, better look at the list of the best gun safes under 1000.

Stand out features:
  • Simple gun magnet mount in any possible way
  • The base of the magnet is made of steel to make it last a lifetime
Pros Cons
By keeping a gun in the most convenient position, you can reach it within a second without unlocking it manually or electronically. The device is not strong enough to be used in a vehicle.


BH1 DTOM Bedside Holster-Ambidextrous

BH1 DTOM Bedside Holster-Ambidextrous

The bed-mounted shotgun rack that slips under the mattress. A great product that can be stored next to you while you are sleeping.

With good warranty terms from the manufacturer, this holster will provide you safety and the quickest access at night. But, if you’re a woman, and want to be with your gun anywhere you go, better read my list of the best hidden holsters for women.

Stand out features:
  • Friction strips hold the gun securely in place
  • Easy to hide with bed covers
  • Quick manual access
  • Universal fit from a small revolver to a full-size handgun
Pros Cons
Perfectly fine fit. The blackhawk bedside holster slides in and out between a mattress.


Quick Vent Safe with RFID

Quick Vent Safe with RFID

This small, compact safe disguised as just a regular old vent in your house or apartment, is a great, discreet place to store your valuables in an apartment-like setting.

This safe opens quickly and easily with an RFID card, giving you quick and easy access to the contents of the safe.

The RFID can store up to 16 different kets and even includes a battery-powered back-up that always gives you access to your safe.

There’s also no number combo you’ll need to remember to open up this wall safe due to the RFID key system.

The RFID card that needs to be used to unlock the hidden wall compartments will work within a second though.

This is a fantastic option for those who value a discrete, reliable wall safe to store their valuables.

A perfect hidden wall gun safe with locking system can be used for storing valuables such as money, credit cards, and jewelry is presented by Quick Safes the brand that creates and develops award-winning products utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

It designed like a vent, so can be barely seen on the wall. This best wall safe can be hidden in nearly every room in your apartment.

Stand out features:
  • Included back up battery for unlocking valuables at any moment
  • A wall mounted pistol safe can be mount in the house or in the office
  • Large compartment
  • RFID Technology with up to 16 keys
  • Quick installation
  • Four AA Batteries included
Pros Cons
There are no numbers to be remembered, quality materials and components, excellent RFID work. no


Wooden Concealment Flag (Small)

Wooden Concealment Flag (Small)

This American flag gun case plans with a nice looking oaken finish allow you to hide your possessions in plain sight.

There is plenty of room inside for other valuables apart from the gun behind the flag. It is possible to hang the device as well as a place on the top of the desk or shelf.

Stand out features:
  • 17″ x 12″ sloping sides with plexiglass front door
  • A big space for storing valuables
Pros Cons
Solid construction There is no real flag inside. It is a piece of paper


Solomone Cavalli Portable Biometric Fingerprint Gun Pistol Safe

Solomone Cavalli Portable Biometric Fingerprint Gun Pistol Safe Jewelry Handgun Safe Box Security Box Hidden In Bedroom Car

A biometric safe with fingerprint lock is amazing for keeping firearms, jewelry, cash etc. at home or in your car absolutely secure. It’s truly one of the best car gun safes.

The in-built sensor can remember up to 32 fingerprints. There are two keys included to unlock the safe manually. The device is light and slim, therefore, fits in the usual glove compartment.

Stand out features:
  • Portable biometric pistol safe can be used in the house, office, and in the car
  • The box opens safe opens only in response to a unique fingerprint
  • Internal dimensions of 7 3/4″x7 3/8″x1″
Pros Cons
Light weight – only 4 pounds Impossible to turn off the “beep” when the box unlocks


The Pillow Safe

Hidden safe inside pillow


View on Amazon


For a more hands-on option this time, have a look at the pillow safe.

This actual pillow features a diversion safe for you to store your favorite handguns close to where you sleep.

The super-soft polyfill fiber designs let you get a good night’s sleep due to how comfortable it is while keeping your firearms close by in case something goes wrong in the middle of the night.

The pillow’s hidden entry point gives access to those in the know, and comfort to those who don’t.

It’s lightweight, attractive design is just another reason to pull the trigger on this safe.

It can feel a bit hard and flat to start, but that’s not exactly a massive price to pay for the comfort and security of keeping your weapon nearby.

This pillow diversion safe is a great secret compartment for storing all our valuable items including a handgun.

It has got a safety sound technology. Is it designed as a real pillow and allows you to sleep comfortably due to soft touch brushed poly cover and plush hypoallergenic polyfill materials.

Stand out features:
  • A really discreet yet comfortable pillow safe that perfectly fits in bedroom design
  • The hidden entry point feature keeps your valuables in the pillow regardless of movement during your sleep
  • Quick and easy access to the hidden items
Pros Cons
Light weight, attractive design The pillow can feel hard and flat


Gun Storage Solutions MULTI-MAG Gun Mounting Magnet (2-Pack)

A convenient and well-hidden gun storage solutions kickstand is made of rubber coated magazine and gun mounting magnets.

There are two magnet strips and 4 individual magnets included in the price.

Stand out features:
  • A simple installation under wooden and metal desks or shelves
  • The magnets can be placed without using hardware
Pros Cons
Small construction that can be used for wooden and metal surfaces Impossible to hold guns bigger than a pocket size


Double Diversion Book Gun Safe

This solution is one of the best-disguised safes for home, and one of the best diversion book safes with a space that can be filled with approximately two books.

A quiet light safe – 3.2 lbs can become a nice decoration in the living room, bedroom, or in the office. The edges of the safe are bound and look like leather, therefore, there are no doubts that this is a book.

Stand out features:
  • Product Dimensions – 11.2 x 9 x 6.4 inches
  • Light weight
  • The look of a book which does not attract attention
Pros Cons
Great storage for medium firearm as well as money, credit cards, and jewelry. No lock.


By My Side Holster Mount For Vehicle, Under Desk or Bedside

By My Side Holster Mount For Vehicle, Under Desk or Bedside

This is an outstanding nightstand holster mount from a famous American brand By My Side Holster that offers safe and convenient small and large gun accessible products. The holster can be mount on any solid surface, such as under the desk, shelf, or on the nightstand for easy and quick access. But, if you’re looking for a under bed gun safe, this is not the one you should go for.

The holster has perfect magnets that will keep your gun in place. It’s possible to install the device by yourself without any hardware and surface damage. This product comes in two sizes: for small and large frame guns.

Stand out features:
  • A possibility to keep a small or a large gun in a safe holster near your bedside and in the car
  • A small construction that can fit pretty everywhere and save your life at any moment
Pros Cons
Solid mount on any surface and simple installation without any damage to furniture. No

Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage

 Lift-Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage

View on Amazon


For those with bigger weapons and some room in their living space, the Carson Forge coffee table is a great alternative option for storing your shotguns, rifles and semi-automatic weapons.

The huge nearly 40-inch long compartment is big enough to fit a 16-inch carbine like an AK-47 or shotgun with a short, stubby barrel.

That same compartment is almost 18 inches, giving you plenty of room to store away your extra magazines, ammunition and extra handguns.

The compartment on top is solid as is the rest of the table, and lets you get immediate access to your arsenal.

While not solid wood, it is a solidly built coffee table. With a decent price tag for a nice looking and solid piece of furniture, it’s just right for those looking to hide away their assault rifles on a budget.

Mirror Gun Cabinet

Mirror Gun Cabinet for Secret Gun Hiding

View on Amazon


Another entry for a wall-mounted hidden gun safe idea, this is a full-length concealment mirror perfect for hiding away any and all of your weapons.

This thing blends seamlessly into the room, the perfect option for guns of any type, your handguns and any additional ammo you might have laying around.

This hidden storage mirror has tons of room, with a massive main compartment that’s 14.5 inches wide and 50 inches tall. A depth of almost 5-inches gives ample space for extras.

One note, be sure to measure the guns you want to store first to ensure they will fit and based on the number of guns you want to store.

It offers a traditional key and lock for securing and opening.

It’s an awesome entry on this list that makes you feel like a superhero or spy. What an incredible option for those who take safety seriously.

The Gun Clock

Rustic Wood Tabletop Clock with Hidden Storage


View on Amazon


The second clock-shaped hidden gun safe on this list, the Gun Clock is a simply named product for an affordable price.

While there are a ton of different Gun Clock options in a ton of different shapes and styles, they all do just about the same thing.

I mean, this one is pretty self-explanatory, right?

It looks like a clock and it’s a great place to hide a gun. Simple as that.

They are all also versatile enough to sit on a mantel, on a shelf and also a good size to rest on a desk.

This thing is easily big enough to hold a full-sized handgun or a 4-inch revolver.

It’s a great affordable option for those looking to hide their handguns in style.

Covert Cabinets Wall Shelf

Covert Cabinets Gun Cabinet Wall Shelf Hidden Storage

View on Amazon


Probably one of the most discreet and concealed options on this list so far, the Covert Cabinets Wall Shelf will fly under the radar of anyone who doesn’t know what it actually is.

This small shelf has a built-in compartment that opens out of the bottom and gives you easy access to your weapon.

The specially designed hinges are made to open slowly, in a controlled manner. Those springs keep the shelf from flying all over the place when the compartment is opened.

That said, the compartment in this one is relatively small, only 13.5 inches long, 8 inches wide and 1.75 inches deep.

This is just enough to store a couple small handguns or one big one, along with ammo and accessories like a flashlight.

It can only hold about 20 pounds, however, so be careful with what you decide to load in this thing.

Throw on a couple family photos and maybe a potted plant or two and you’ll have a working shelf and a brand new, conspicuous place to keep your guns.

Stealth Defense Under-Bed Gun Safe

Stealth Defense Under Bed Gun Safe


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One of the more heavy duty and closest to a traditional safe experience, the Stealth Defense Under-Bed safe is there for you when you have to deal with more than just a bump in the night.

This safe is one the heavier entries on this list so far at 74 pounds and is constructed from 14 gauge think steel.

It’s one of the few under safes that’s keypad lights up when you type your combo in, giving you quicker and easier access to your weapons regardless of conditions.

This safe is small enough to be able to comfortably fit under your bed but large enough to store your heavy-duty weapons like shotguns, AR’s and assault rifles.

American Furniture Classics Slider Cabinet

American Furniture Classics Gun/Curio Slider Cabinet Combination


View on Amazon

If you’re looking for a gorgeous addition to your home decor, the American Furniture Classics 611 10 Gun Slider Cabinet is a fantastic, classy option.

It’s a gorgeous wooden stain cabinet, a wonderful addition to any office or home.

Behind the front’s glass shelves and wonderfully stained doors, there is a locking mechanism behind it that can hold a massive 10 guns.

The massive storage cabinet can hold guns up to 4 feet long, standing at a massive 22 inches by 26 inches by 66 inches.

This cabinet can only be opened with a key, meaning the only one getting in are the people you want to.

If you’re looking for the best way to store your large guns and ammunition, this is a great option.

However, this thing is really expensive. If you have a budget in mind, this is not the way to go.

This hidden rifle storage made of medium wood stained veneer has a wonderful design and will definitely add a nice touch to a room in your house or office.

However, it is quite expensive. A lighted curio display area with glass shelves that has a locking storage behind the lower door can be used for storing books, cups, and other items. The safe can be unlocked only with the key.

Stand out features:
  • Product Dimensions 22 x 26 x 66 inches
  • Designed to be a good-looking cabinet for a dining room or office
  • A big space area can store 4ft gun


Pros Cons
Great space for handguns and long guns High price, manual unlock


In the Mirror Gun Cabinet Hardware Kit


A modern gun cabinet with a magnetic hidden locking device comes without mirror or frame, so you will have to order and buy them separately for an additional charge.

The hardware kit is included. The cabinet can hold up to eight rifles and four handguns.

Stand out features:
  • Great storage space for small and long guns
  • Hardware kit is included in the price
Pros Cons
Lifetime quality guarantee, big space for storing rifles and pistols No mirror and frame included


Hidden Compartment Mirror – Craftsman

This is the case for valuables that comes in the shape of a mirror frame.

The frame is opened easily with the magnetic key that needs to be placed at the center of the bottom of this concealment wall art. The case can be ordered in Rustic Hickory, Red Oak, Hard Maple and a variety of exotic wood species.

Stand out features:
  • Frame size is 21-3/4” W X 26-1/4” H
  • The hidden compartment measures 14-1/4″ W X 10-1/4″ H X 3.5″ D that allows to store two pistols and other valuables such as money and credit cards
Pros Cons
The mirror has a shatter resistant coating and is backed with plywood, providing two layers of safety, Magnetic Locking Concealment Cover and one Magnetic Key are included No


CASTLECREEK Gun Concealment Coffee Table

CASTLECREEK Gun Concealment Coffee Table

View on Amazon


Another coffee table option on this list, the CASTLECREEK Gun Concealment Table is a fantastic option for those looking to secure their bigger weapons and have space in their home.

The gorgeous dark cherry veneer finish would make a fantastic addition to any dining room and a key-locking drawer opens up to hide away your weapons and ammunition.

This can double as just a regular old table, blending nicely into your room until you need those weapons most.

The design is large and the unlockable compartment is large enough to hold whatever you need it to.

It can be a bit annoying to assemble, however, so it might be a bit hard to put together out of the box unless you know someone who can do it for you.

This safe looks like an ordinary coffee table, however, it hides a lot of space where your most valuable things can be.

The table is featured with a locking pull-out drawer. A nice dark cherry wood veneer design will become a great addition to a dining room.

The key for locking drawer is included in the price. Also, here’s the full list of a hidden compartment furniture.

Stand out features:
  • This gun concealment coffee table can be used for serving drinks and food and storing most valuable items at the same time
  • Concealment drawer measures 39.5″ x 13″ x 3″h
Pros Cons
Nice design and a big compartment area No assembly instructions are included, many pieces in this table, including hardware


If you’ve been looking for a hidden place in your house where to keep your gun, think twice whether it is a truly reliable place or a well-known spot for burglars.

I think that choosing one of 23 best gun storages for your house, office, or car will make you feel safe. I do hope that this information was useful and will certainly become handy for you.

Pros of Using Hidden Gun Safes

There are so many good reasons you should be looking to hide your weapons away for safe keeping. Let’s go through a few now.

Available in All Different Types

These days, you can find hidden gun safe furniture, decorations and even desks or bookcases with built-in storage options for any type of firearm you own.

Not to mention, the hidden safe alternative is often preferable.

After all, would you want a big, metal safe sitting in the middle of your bedroom or would you prefer a sleek, stylish piece of furniture that happens to allow you to safely store your weapons?

Not to mention safes are a sure sign that you have something valuable to criminals and with enough time and the right tools at your disposal, there’s no safe that’s uncrackable.

Fortunately, you can only crack a safe that you can find, making small, hidden, compact safes all the better alternative.

The choice there is obvious.

Accessibility in Limited Spaces

In addition to the added security, a full-on, stand-up steel gun safe might not be the best option for those living in apartments or with limited space in their homes.

Hidden safes tend to be smaller, lighter and more versatile, giving you options when it comes to where you can set one up.

Along with their versatility, you’ll have quick and easy access to your guns if something were to go wrong in your home.

All you’d need to do is pull the mirror on the wall away to find a hidden safe embedded in the wall to scare off anyone meaning to do you and your family harm.

It’s the hidden version of your standard wall safe.

Well, there’s a weapon safe for all types of scenarios, meaning you’ll have quick and easy access to any type of weapon you need right when you need it most.

It’s a great way to hide your guns in the open, all throughout your home.

Strength in Numbers

What’s the better idea? Keeping all your guns and ammo in one safe or being able to spread out those guns and ammunition to multiple hidden hiding spots around the house?

Duh. It’s to spread things out.

If a robber was to get into your house and find your hidden gun safe, they’d now have access to all your weapons.

However, if you were to spread those guns and ammo out to multiple different hidden gun safes around the house, include a hidden book safe in your library, you’re reducing the chances of having your whole arsenal disappear into a puff of smoke.

Cons of Hidden Gun Storage

Just like all good things in life, there’s bound to be some major downsides of any good thing.

Let’s go over some of the possible cons you might be dealing with if you decide to go with a hidden safe.

Easy to Make Off With

One of the major selling points of a traditional steel gun safe is the weight. They’re usually massive and heavy, not exactly something you can just pick up and wander off with.

With hidden safes, however, unless they’re embedded into something heavy or require a key or combo to open, if a criminal or intruder were to find them they’d be off with your weapon and ammo without much trouble.

So make sure if you’re hiding your handgun in the clock, it’s not too obvious.

Secret Hiding Places Need to Stay Secret

The whole point of a hidden hiding place for your weapons and ammunition is keeping those things a secret.

If you play it fast and loose with that information, you’re defeating the whole purpose of those secret spots.

For example, if your objective is to keep guns away from your kids, it’s best not to be too public with that shotgun that might be hidden in your office desk or even a small weapon in any kind of diversion safe.

The same with your friends and family.

Unless you really trust those people involved, it’s best to not show off your newest hidden gun safe in the closet off at your Thanksgiving dinner.

Make Sure Those Hidden Safes Aren’t Super Obvious

Believe it or not, but not all hidden safes are created equally.

Some are more obvious than others. For example, maybe that tactical desk you bought to hide away your handguns and ammo has an obvious set of hinges on the top.

Or maybe it has a logo like “Larry’s Tactical Gun Desks” on it somewhere.

If you’re looking to make sure those guns go undetected, it’s best to avoid desks and bedside gun storage that have those features. If the hidden compartment in your bed frame is too obvious, then it’s not as effective as it could be.

Don’t Make It Easy for Thieves to Figure out You’re Packing

If someone breaks into your house, don’t make it clear to them they should be wary of someone pumping them full of lead.

If you have a ton of unused and unhidden ammo cans, boxes with logos of weapons companies and firearm accessories laying around your garage, it’s easy to determine you might be locked and loaded.

That’s a key sign that would tip criminals off to looking for a firearm all over the place. Do yourself a favor and put that stuff somewhere safe and secure, somewhere that wouldn’t tip anyone off to what you have going on.

That’s one of the best ways to make sure you and your family are secure and protected as they possibly can be.

Finally, using a hidden gun safe idea may also be limited as to the kind of gun safe humidifier you can use. Electric plug-in types may be difficult to install.