The Best Door Stoppers to Keep You and Your Home Safe

best rubber door stop wedge

Do your doors suddenly shut when nobody is using them? Do they make unpleasant noises and threaten the safety of your kids or pets?

“Safety comes first.” Keeping your home secure is one of your priorities, specifically stopping your doors.

Let’s say that you are too busy to keep an eye on your active children, but the doors unexpectedly slams because you have no way to keep them closed or opened.

As well as that a door banging on your wall gets ruined by your doors slamming into it. How annoying this is!

Perhaps you are wondering whether there are any quick solutions to this issue. Installing a metal door stopper? Well, probably too much work.

Are there different types of door stoppers?

Absolutely. Let’s break it down into all types of door stoppers that you need to know about and pick the best one for you.

Types of Doorstops

Magnetic Door Stop

best door stopper magnetic style

Floor-mounted magnetic door stop

Magnetic Door Stoppers are made of metal and available in two versions for your walls and floors.

They come in different sizes, colors and shapes, so you can choose one based on your house design.

Although installing a magnetic door stopper is doable, it still takes time and you will also need mounting tools, which can cost you more money.

However, they are durable and can be a great option to keep your door open without destroying the wall.

Wait! Keep in mind that these magnetic door stops might lose their strength during the using time.

In this case, you might need to replace the magnet or the entire product.


  • Multi-purpose (holder and stopper)
  • Easy installation (around 5 mins)
  • Convenient and stylish design


  • Takes time to mount it onto your door, floor or wall
  • Might not work effectively over time
  • Not ideal for thick-carpeting floors (floor-mounted doorstops)

Doorknob Bumpers

doorknob bumpers

Decorative doorknobs bumpers Do crashing doorknobs drive you up to the wall with damages and deafening noise? Doorknob bumpers can be an option for you.

These doorknob bumpers are made of durable plastic or rubber to protect your wall from being destroyed.

They are quite tiny and almost invisible when placed on the wall.

If you don’t fancy any complicated installation, you may become their fan.

Hold on! But the products lifetime here is very short. They might easily fall off the wall and become dangerous if your pets or children find them unexpectedly.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Quick solution for slamming doorknobs


  • Easily fall off the wall
  • Tiny and dangerous for kids and pets

Kick Down Door Stop

kick down door stop

Door-mounted kick down door stop

If you are thinking about a bike kickstand, you’re right! It physically looks like a one. You can place it vertically on the bottom of the door.

How can this doorstop work? Well, just push it down to prevent your door from moving.

Its rubber bottom creates friction against the floor.

That explains why this door stopper may work the best on flat surfaces.


  • Ideal for flat surfaces and heavy-duty doors


  • Might glide on wood and vinyl floors
  • Take a bit of the effort to install if you’re not a handyman

Hinge Door Stops

hinge door stop

Plastic Hinge Door Stop

If metal doorstops are your cup of tea, let’s take another look at hinge door stops.

They prevent your swinging doors from slamming suddenly on different types of floors.

The great thing about it is that you can also modify them based on your type of doors without any hassle.

Just put them into the hinge of your doors, and it saves you some pennies from repairing the dented walls.

Unluckily, one of the negative sides is that it is more effective for lighter-weight doors and can take you a bit of time to follow the installation manual.


  • Do the job for lighter doors
  • Easily modify to fit different doors.


  • Might bounce back to hit you if you use too much force
  • It Requires more installation work

Rubber Door Wedge

rubber door wedge

Rubber door stoppers working on types of floors Are you a huge fan of quick and versatile solutions? Then you can’t miss this rubber door stopper.

It looks like a wedge made of good rubber and requires no installation effort.

The only thing you need to do is to put it underneath the gap between your door and floor and pull the doors back with a gentle force. And your door is securely set.

Decorative or rubber wedge saves you a lot of time and money without mounting it into anything.

Meanwhile, you can move it around your home at any time to secure other doors.


  • Reasonable priced
  • Easy to install and move around


  • Should measure the door gap to choose a fitting one

Which Best Door Stopper Is My Secret Choice?

There are a variety of doorstops out there. And choosing the best door stopper for your door isn’t a piece of cake. If you ask me which one is my choice, here is my secret – Wundermax rubber door wedge.

door stopper

As a fan of time-saving and versatile solutions, this rubber door stopper works like a charm for my doors. It helps me feel safer and keeps me from doors crashing.

Wundermax door stoppers are made of high-quality odorless rubber that is REACH certified and SGS approved.

Are you worried about your kids and pets at home? You can be relieved.

Not to mention, with the non-skid bottom and unique wedge design, this doorstop can resist pressure and hold your heaviest doors firmly.

Slippery floor? No worries. Push the doorstopper with your feet tightly towards the door.

This way you create maximum tension and gripping power that allows the doorstopper to hold even heavy-weight doors on evasive surfaces, including carpet, tiles, wood, cement and vinyl.

Are you addicted to small gifts? If yes, don’t miss out on giving Wundermax door stoppers a shot. Every package comes with free holders and bonus door hangers.


Bonus plastic free holders

You can store your door stoppers in these free holders when they’re not in use.

With the long-lasting 3M glue technology, these free holders organize your stoppers in easy to reach places.

Meanwhile, the bonus door hangers with a pretty design can give you privacy by hanging them on your doorknobs.

door hangers

Door hangers keep your privacy

In addition to modern design and smart concept, these rubber door stoppers have a variety of colors, including gray, white, black, orange and red.

Spice up your house, classroom, office, or hotel room with your favorite color.

Hang on!

I am not sugarcoating anything about these little rubber door wedge. Every coin has two sides.

As mentioned above, the rubber door stoppers require you to measure your door gap carefully.

So, make sure that you find the most suitable one for your doors.

Wundermax door stoppers fit perfectly with the gap between 0.1 – 1 inch.

Is your door gap bigger than average? Here is a trick for you. Stack 2 stoppers together to make a 2-inch door stopper and it works like magic.

two door stoppers

Stack two door stoppers together

Although with the high glue technology, you can find it slightly difficult to remove the free holders from the surfaces.

So make sure that you feel satisfied with your chosen place before attaching them.

What if they don’t work as you expected? Wundermax gots you covered.

If you notice any issues with your door wedge, kindly contact them to get their support. Their customer service won’t make you regret it.


Are you still here with me? Thank you for following me until the end.

We have walked through all the basic types of door stoppers in the market.

Choosing the best door stoppers can be quite difficult. You should rely on your doors and preferences to figure out the winner type for you.

However, if you don’t want to take time to test each type of door stopper, don’t hesitate to try out my secret.

Or do you have any other options? Feel free to drop your comments below here.

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