Choosing the Right 1911 Under $1000 for Everyday Carry

1911 pistol on wood table; Shutterstock ID 787413829

Most people think of the 1911 gun as an essential handgun. Having been in production for more than a century, people have used this firearm for purposes ranging from the military service to hunting all the way to self-defense. This semi-automatic pistol has proven to be of excellent service to the population in more ways than one and thus remains dear to gun lovers across the globe.

Over time, many manufacturers have come up with designs of the 1911 gun which can leave one confused when it comes to investing in these handy devices. There is no sure way of determining the best 1911 under 1000 as this will depend on your intended use. Where a gun may be best for you because you plan on using it for self-defense, it will not work for someone in search of a firearm for gun competitions. As such, this guide delves into the features of the five most versatile 1911s in the market for less than 1000.

Before getting hold of a 1911 gun, you must be sure to look into its safety. There are many safety measures used in these devices to ensure that they are safe in transit, as well as during operation. An example of such a step is a slide lock safety clip. The clip makes sure that the slide does not move and thus prevents the gun from firing by accident. A grip safety should also be in place or some other means to ensure that the weapon cannot fire unless one pulls the trigger. You should also look into the frame size of the 1911 gun as well as the accessories with which it comes.

Most versatile 1911s in the market for less than $1000

1. Rock Island Armory – M1911-A1 Tactical 5in 45 ACP Parkerized 8+1rd

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This semi-automatic handgun is an iconic firearm which has undergone improvements in its design, thus leading to the masterpiece that it is today. It comes with a steel casing for added sturdiness and durability. It comes with a Series 70 firing system.

Some of the improvements made include a combat-style hammer, an adjustable over-travel stop, low profile snag-free sights and a skeletonized trigger. All these changes resulted in a fast draw and fire mechanism. The parkerized finish ensures that the firearm can resist corrosion and the rubber used enables users to maintain a steady grip for safety purposes.

The magazine is of single-stack and can hold up to eight rounds. The 45 ACP is very precise in shots, and people mainly use it for hunting, training, recreational shooting and gun competitions.

Overview of the pros

It has a high level of accuracy, comes with a high-quality build and is quite versatile in its uses.

Specs at a glance

It comes with a 45 ACP caliber, an eight-round magazine, a length of eight-point five-six inches and a height of five point five inches. When unloaded, this matte black firearm weighs two point four nine lbs.

2. Remington – 1911 R1 15+1 Black 5″ G10 Grip

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This pistol is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable firearm for use in self-defense. It comes in a compact design and is light, making it easy to carry from one place to the other. Many gun lovers consider this piece to be a formidable force when it comes to personal protection.

The manufacturer paid a big deal of attention to comfort during operation by providing grip safety and flat mainspring housing. In this way, the gun feels comfortable on your hands, allowing for swift movements. The G10 grips present are to ensure that you get a good hold of the firearm such that it does not slip even during recoil. This grip enables users to position their targets and aim accurately, thus reducing the wastage of ammo.

For added accuracy during operation, the gun comes with a fiber optic front sight as well as an adjustable standard rear optic sight. These optics enable users to position their targets more accurately, increasing the chances of success. The trigger has some adjustments for over travel. The PVD coating used on the external surface of the firearm adds to its strength and durability, ensuring that you can use it for decades to come.

Pros at a glance

Portability, strength, durability, a firm grip and a high level of accuracy are the strong points of this firearm.


This single-action firearm comes with a barrel length of five inches, an unloaded weight of two point five six lbs and a total length of eight point five inches. It uses a caliber of 45 ACP and has a capacity of 15+1 rounds. Made in the USA, this firearm is built to last.

3. Springfield Armory – Loaded Parkerized 5in 45 ACP Wood 3 Dot Night Sights 7+1rd

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This 1911 works for various purposes ranging from target practice all the way to self-defense and many people look to it for its versatility. It comes with an extended thumb safety, designed to be ambidextrous, thus making the gun safe for use by all people. Its beavertail grip safety ensures that one cannot fire the gun by accident, thus making the firearm ideal for target practice.

Its performance levels, as well as its efficiency in handling, are further improved by the use of an extended trigger and a delta hammer. This brand is quite popular and comes with an array of options on frames, finishes, calibers, and sights to better help you choose a gun best suited for your purpose.


You can use this gun for a multitude of uses, thanks to its versatility. Its safety grip ensures that both you and people around you are safe during, before and after its operation. It also helps that the gun is portable.


Though there are many firearms in this line, this one, in particular, is a single action gun with a five-inch barrel. It has a 7+1 rounds capacity and uses a 45 Auto (ACP) cartridge. Available in a parkerized finish, this gun is quite sturdy and can withstand weather elements as well as impacts.


4. Ruger – Sr1911 10mm 5″ Ss Adjustable

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If you are in the market for a powerful firearm which you can use for activities such as hunting, this is the best 1911 under 1000 for you. This pistol makes use of the sturdy 1911-style frame which ensures that you can rely on it to withstand impacts as well as elements such as water. It also ensures that the gun is easy to handle by providing a firm grip. As such, you can position and shoot your targets without worrying that the gun might slip out of your hands.

This gun gets made of stainless steel for enhanced strength. It also comes with a government-style slide and barrel, and it works on a single-action operation. Its iron sights are adjustable to allow for added accuracy, and it comes with two eight-round magazines which are removable. Other than hunting, you can use this for self-defense.


Its uses are versatile, and it comes in a compact, sturdy design. Its portability and reliability are huge pluses.


This single action gun comes with a 10-millimeter auto cartridge and its barrel measures five inches. Features include a plain muzzle, an adjustable rear sight, a stainless steel finish, a weight of two point five two lbs and a total length of eight point six seven inches. It gets made in the USA.

5. Kimber Mfg. – 1911 Custom Ii .45 ACP 5in 45 ACP Black / Silver 7+1rd

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Kimber has quite the history of making reliable firearms, and this gun does not disappoint in any way. It stands out in that it is an all-around gun which people can use for purposes ranging from recreational shooting all the way to full-on training. Whatever your intended purpose, this gun will suit your needs.

It comes with rosewood grips to make handling easy and to prevent the occurrence of firing accidents. The polished exterior makes the gun aesthetically pleasant, and the stainless steel frame ensures that the firearm can get used in all kinds of environments without getting damaged.

Pros at a glance

This gun works excellently for all kinds of uses, thanks to its portability and high level of accuracy. Its ergonomically-designed grip goes a long way in ensuring safety for the users as well as people around them. Made in the USA, this gun is designed to serve people’s needs for decades on end without fail.


It has a wide range of features suited to fit all uses. It operates on a single action mechanism and comes with a removable magazine. Its barrel measures five inches and its total length stands at eight point seven inches. Available in either black or silver, this gun comes with a 45 Auto cartridge, a capacity of 7+1 rounds, a plain muzzle, a fixed rear sight and a weight of two point three eight lbs.

Thanks to the many innovations on the market presently, gun lovers have an array from which to choose, and the good thing is that you do not need to rob a bank to land a grand bargain on guns. These 1911 guns go to show that it is entirely possible to get hold of a high-quality 1911 for less than a thousand dollars.