Attack Surface Visibility

Attack Surface Management

In building a program for attack surface management, some considerations are needed like; what are the different components of your attack surface needed, how are attack vectors and potential exposures located and what would be the most effective and efficient protection from security breaches and cyberattacks.

Know what to protect

Hackers are always looking for methods to breach your organizations. It can be from vulnerabilities on websites, exposed cloud data servers, unprotected internet connection of your systems. Management of the authorization of devices in your network is the top control on the CIS Critical Controls List. However, most organizations are being negligent in constant asset auditing.In order to protect your organization, it is important to be knowledgeable with your attack surface to pinpoint where your system is most vulnerable at and prioritize actions that could reduce the risk of an attack.

Gain real-time visibility

One of the key strategies in managing attack surface programs is real-time visibility. Not all risks are visible all of the time, that's why Secureix offers round the clock risk assessments to locate high-risk vulnerabilities in the constantly changing cloud environment for immediate and effective remediation.

Make your attack surface smaller

In cybersecurity, just like everything else, the smaller the target, the harder it is to hit. Here are 5 ways to reduce the size of your attack surface:

- Elimination of complex data
- Visualization of you vulnerabilities
- Controlled endpoints
- Network segmentation
- Prioritization using analytics

Attack Surface Visibility

Visualize your attack surface for ongoing situational awareness and risk reduction

Attack Surface

Secureix offers a game-changing security capability, which enables you to manage and control your attack surface reducing the risk from every attack vector against your organization.

Network Visibility

Secureix simplifies hybrid networks then adds vulnerability and threat intelligence for clarity on your attack surface and helps you perceive high-priority risks ahead of time.

Situational Awareness

Secureix attack surface visualization allows you to respond immediately to high-risk threats and offers a well-structured approach to diminish your attack surface and attain real-time situational awareness. 

Visualize and Analyze Indicators of Exposure

Attack vector analytics reveal indicators of exposure (IOEs) like exposed vulnerabilities, insecure device configurations, risky access rules, etc. Secureix will broaden and limit your view of IOEs by selecting them by their severity or timeframe. With this analytics, you will be able to export views of the attack surface and IOEs to your security team and tackle different security strategies for effective and efficient management.

Attack Surface Modeling and Simulation

  • Secureix attack surface modeling allows access to complex interaction of security controls, network topology, vulnerabilities and threats in your business. 
  • With Secureix hybrid environment support, physical, virtual and cloud networks including ICS and SCADA environments are unified in one view.


Secureix utilizes a centralized dashboard which exhibits your organization’s digital assets categorized by cloud provider, geography and business unit alongside with the corresponding cyber risk with its related remediation per each asset.


Secureix allows you to uncover hidden assets and cloud instances while doing a risk assessment then aligning them to your corporate security policies.


With Secureix ecosystem-wide cyber risk assessments, you can assess your digital assets based on individual assets, identify high-risk and high-exposure areas, and prioritize remediation

Risk-reduction History and Trends

Secureix converts complicated metrics and progress into a simplified format to provide security leaders efficient insights that can impact security efforts in their cloud management.

Achieve Continuous Visibility into Your Digital Ecosystem

Cyber risk management becomes more complex as your digital environment continues to expand. Secureix allows you to handle risks concealed across your digital assets in your cloud, geographies, subsidiaries, and your remote workforce. 

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