How to Make Your AR-15 More Reliable?

ar 15 reliability upgrades

ar 15 reliability upgrades


AR 15 platform is one of the most exceptional rifles you can buy on the market today. Its dependability is like no other. You can expect this weapon to provide you with reliable service for many, many years.

However, while the rifle is reliable, you can still do a few things to increase your AR 15’s reliability. It’s kind of like when you buy a car, if you take care of that car, it will take care of you by letting you go to places plus it will last longer. Same philosophy applies with AR 15. In this guide we will discuss some basic preventive maintenance, as well as other intel on setting up and using your rifle.

1. Cleaning

Just like you clean yourself on a daily basis by taking a shower, AR 15 also requires regular cleaning so you can keep your rifle in a great operating condition. The more you use your weapon, the more frequently you will need to clean it. Specifically, focusing your efforts on cleaning your bolt carrier group, this will allow you to maximize your AR 15’s reliability.

Luckily, AR 15 is pretty easy to clean. Anyone can do it. The basics involve disassembling and removing the bolt carrier group and basically scrubbing the AR 15 parts with high quality gun oil. During this process you have to make sure you clean the area between the blot and the barrel this will eliminate any excess carbon build-up inside.

2. Lubrication

In addition to your regular cleaning process, you have to properly lubricate your rifle to make it more dependable in the long run. Every AR 15 contains few lubrication spots such as the bolt carrier, gas rings, blot lungs, firing pins and cam pins. Be sure to clean the rifles points with before you lubricate them. Now the lubricant you use will actually depends on the environment you are in. For example, if you use the dry lube it will best work in dry, dusty or sandy conditions. The heavy lube meanwhile might become excessively thicker in extreme weather conditions such as cold.

3. Gas Ring Replacement

Another great tip for increasing your rifles reliability is replacing the gas rings. A great method for doing that is extending your weapons bolt carrier group and placing it on a flat surface. If the bolt is not able to support the weight of the carrier group, this is an indication that it’s time to replace the gas rings on your AR 15.

4. Use High-Quality Magazines

Since the ammunition costs a bit of a price, you naturally might be tempted to go after a cheap, poor quality magazine in the effort to save yourself some money. However, this negatively impacts your rifle over the period of time, resulting in tendency to wrap, bend or crack. This is a result from inefficient ammunition feeding through making the firing performance unreliable. That is why it is important for you to always choose to use high quality ammo to keep your AR 15’s health in shape.

5. Proper Gas Port Size

One of the most common things that happen to AR 15 owners is over gassing. This is caused by an oversized gas port and over-gassing can impact the live ammunition round to enter the chamber way before a case has even a chance to fully exit through. This often leads to malfunctions that you don’t want to deal with. But if you’re reconstructing an AR 15 make sure you choose the correct gas port size for your rifle.

These are basic, quick tips you can follow to keep your AR 15 performing at its best and the way it should. It is also critical that you ensure you have the right AR 15 parts and accessories. The highest quality components for the cheapest prices is provided by the E2 Armory and you can truly trust the AR 15 components purchased on their online platform.

Small AR15 Reliability Upgrades That Will Enhance Your Platform

  • AR-15 Pistol Grips — With the right pistol grip in your corner, you can improve your accuracy with every shot, and prevent slippage at the same time.
  • AR-15 Bolt Gas Rings — Experience truly precise fitting for your small-frame bolt carrier components. Reduce friction between rings and bolt carrier, and you’ll minimize your wear while keeping the carrier clean during cycling.
  • Enhanced Rubber ButtpadTo stabilize and provide better shoulder comfort, a buttstock for your rifle cannot be beaten. It will improve your comfort during heavy use, while also giving you the upper hand in terms of accuracy.
  • Enhanced Bolt Catch — This provides users with more efficient bolt operation than the vast majority of factory-made bolt catches.
  • Enhanced Trigger Guard — This is an upgrade that will give you a smoothed out experience while preventing potential discomfort during operation, especially without gloves.

When it comes to high-quality parts, from bolt carrier group to lower receiver, the truth is you have to go to a trusted name with a good reputation. There are many good options out there, but my personal tip here is to go with E2 Armory. I’ve had experience with all products in their catalog, with my favorite upper receiver to date coming in from them just last week. It’s hard to find a store you recommend above everyone else but, for my money, E2 is that company.